Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Take Separate Private Jets To The Same Location — And Kim Follows Shortly After

Seems like none of them wanted to carpool.

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The overuse of private jet travel by celebrities and its negative impact on the environment has been a swirling debate among environmental activists and many social media users. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner just added more fuel to the fire in the ongoing controversy surrounding their private jet usage when the two flew to the same location just a couple of days apart. 

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner flew from Miami to California on the same day in separate jets.

The couple were seen cuddling up at Miami's Art Basel over the weekend but it seems they had enough of their alone time once it was time to leave.


Scott and Jenner arrived to the city separately. According to the Twitter account @CelebJets, Scott’s jet flew from Van Nuys, California to Miami, Florida on November 30. 

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On December 2, Jenner appears to have joined the father of her two kids as her jet took off from Camarillo, California, and landed in Miami, Florida. 


Jenner’s jet used 20 tons of CO2 emissions while Scott’s jet used 21 tons of CO2 emissions. 

For the return journey on December 3, Scott’s jet took off and returned to Van Nuys, California, emitting another 27 tons of CO2. 

That same day just hours later, Jenner’s jet took off from Miami and landed in Van Nuys, California — the same location Scott’s jet landed just hours earlier. 

Jenner’s jet emitted another 25 tons of CO2. 

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Many people were confused as to why Scott and Jenner decided to fly separately, considering that they have been dating on and off for over five years and have two children together. 


What was even more confusing was that they were traveling to the exact same location just a couple of days apart, and they left to return to the same location just hours apart. 

“Just adds more fuel to the fire of ‘PR relationship,” one fan speculated on Reddit, assuming that Scott and Jenner’s romantic relationship wasn’t true. 

Some Redditors believed that they took separate jets because there wasn’t enough room for all of their fellow passengers combined. 

“Travis probably took all his friends and Kylie took the KKJ [Kardashian-Jenner family members],” one user suggested. 

Others called them out for the damage they are causing to the environment. 


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“Does she [Jenner] not realize this is the same planet her kids have to live in too? Like fine they obviously don’t give a f–k about anyone else but their kids are going to suffer from global warming too,” one user pointed out. “These people are unimaginably selfish.” 

“They’re so rich that they can afford to insulate themselves from most effects of climate change,” another user commented. 

This is not the first time Scott and Jenner have been called out for abusing their private jets. 

Months ago, the pair was slammed after Jenner posted a “tone-deaf” photo to her Instagram account of her and Scott standing in front of their private jets, with the caption, “you wanna take mine or yours?” 


Additionally, Kim Kardashian also flew from California to Miami around the same time as her sister. 

Kardashian’s jet took off from Camarillo, California, and landed in Miami on December 1, just one day before Jenner took off to fly to the same location. 

Her jet emitted 21 tons of CO2. 

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Kardashian also left Miami on December 3, back to California, the same day as both Jenner and Scott. 

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