Video Resurfaces Of Kris Jenner Making Inappropriate Advances Toward Stepson Brody Jenner

It's 100% inappropriate.

Kris Jenner, Brody Jenner Eugene Powers/Silvia Elizabeth Pangaro/Shutterstock/YouTube

A handful of resurfaced clips from early episodes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has left people questioning Kris Jenner who is seen acting inappropriately towards her stepson Brody Jenner.

The clips, which were all meshed together to form a short compilation, were posted by Stephanie Sidley on Twitter and showed Kris making Brody uncomfortable.

Kris Jenner is seen making advances toward stepson Brody Jenner.

In the first one, Kris and Brody are sitting around having dinner, along with the rest of their family, when suddenly Kris yells out "sexual favors." After, the camera pans to Brody, who looks visibly uncomfortable, while one of Kris' daughters says, "ew, mom," in reaction.


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"I don't even really know what to think when Kris makes those comments," Brody says in a confessional.


In the next clip, Kris is shown rubbing sunscreen on Brody's back as she comments, "Your dad had the same exact back." Khloe immediately interjects, telling Kris "Mom, that is so weird of you," while Kim looks on with a slightly disgusted face.

In response, Kris laughs off her daughter's complaint, launching herself onto Brody's back as he yells out "Woah, hey," while laughing uncomfortably.

In the last clip, Brody can be seen having lunch with his brother Brandon Jenner, and his then-wife, Leah Jenner. He tells them about a comment Khloe made, saying her mom wants to "bang" Brody.

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Brandon immediately looks disgusted, exclaiming, "Oh, God." Brody then brings up the comment Kris made about him having the same exact back as his father, to which both Leah and Brandon look horrified.

"That's kind of a weird thing to say," Brandon replies, while Leah cries out, "Oh, no, no, no."

The multiple interactions between Brody and Kris are extremely weird, especially considering Kris was his stepmother at the time. 

At the beginning of Sidley's video, she mentioned that Kris Jenner had recently been accused of sexual harassment by her former bodyguard, before launching into the clips of her and Brody to point out that she had "sexually harassed her own stepson."


In 2020, Marc McWilliams filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jenner, whom he worked for in 2017 until he was "suspended" in 2018.

He was then moved on to work for Kourtney Kardashian in 2019 after coming forward with his allegations.

According to USA Today, the lawsuit states that McWilliams was subjected to "sexual advances and otherwise harassing misconduct" by Jenner, including comments directed at him of "an overt sexual nature" about his physical appearance and sexual activities and comments suggesting he "engage in a romantic and sexual relationship."


He also provided a specific incident that happened on October 22, 2017.

While he was riding in the passenger seat of Jenner’s Bentley, she “placed her right hand on the inside upper left thigh and groin area of the [McWilliams] in a manner that was overtly sexually offensive."

As of January 2022, the judge in McWilliams’s case, Armen Tamzarian, said that an arbitrator had yet to be appointed. The judge scheduled a status conference for January 6, 2023.


If arbitration does work out, court filings will indicate that McWilliams’s case is dismissed, but most of the court filings are being kept under wraps, supposedly by Jenner and her legal team.

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