Kim Kardashian Was Sued For Stealing $120K From Brandy & Ray J’s Mom Shortly After Infamous Tape Was Released

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Kim Kardashian Was Sued For Stealing $120K From Brandy & Ray J’s Mom

Back in 2008, Brandy and Ray J’s mother, Sonja Norwood sued Kim Kardashian and her siblings for stealing up to $120K from her American Express card. 

Before the days of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and Kardashian's billionaire status, the reality TV star was relatively unknown. But the curious timing of the lawsuit and the subsequent sex tape that put Kardashian on the celebrity map is eyebrow-raising to say the least.

Why was Kim Kardashian sued by Brandy and Ray J’s mother?

Kardashian had been working as Brandy’s stylist in 2004 and had been authorized to make one purchase on the credit card.

However, Norwood alleges that Kardashian then passed the card to her siblings and continued to make purchases at the Kardashian-owned clothing stores, Dash and Smooch for a total of $120,636. 

“Investigation has revealed that the Kardashians used their two stores and other stores that I have never visited to take advantage of me. I very much look forward to having the Kardashians account for their misconduct in a court of law” Norwood said in a statement. 

The lawsuit named Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. as well and seeks the money spent between 2006 and 2007 as well as 10 percent interest. 

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“I did not want to commence litigation against the Kardashian family without conducting an exhaustive investigation into the charges and discussing all options, including criminal prosecution, with my family,” Norwood said in reports by People.

Brandy and Ray J reportedly convinced their mom not to press charges. 

Brandy and Ray J, who appeared in the infamous sex tape with Kardashian allegedly asked their mother to not take criminal action. 

“After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to resolve this matter without a lawsuit,” Norwood said.

“When the fraudulent charges were brought to their attention, they apologized profusely, and advised us, through their attorneys, that they would pay the debt in full. However, they have since reneged on that promise.”

The Kardashian’s denied the allegations. 

“The charges against the Kardashians are meritless. Both Kim and Khloe were employed by the Norwoods and never used their credit cards without their express authorization. The Kardashian family looks forward to proving the absurdity of these claims in a court of law” the statement from 2008 said.

During this time Khloe had also been working as Brandy’s personal assistant. 

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Kim and Ray J's infamous tape was leaked in 2007 and it has never been made clear who shared it or why.  

The case was later settled in 2009 by an apparent settlement. The suit was dismissed on June 1 with prejudice which means the case could not be appealed or refiled. 

The story resurfaced this year on Twitter after it was announced Dj Mustard’s personal shopper used his credit card for her own expenses as well. 

The producer made a statement on instagram saying Karissa C. Walker scammed him out of $50K. Walker used the credit card on shoes and bags. 

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The story of Kardashian resurfaced in April of 2021 after a Twitter user, @coolwanderer2 — which Kiss fm Detroit notes has 23 followers, commented on the similarities between the two scandals.

In a now deleted tweet, the Twitter user said, "Fun fact: This was one of Kim K's early 'hustles.' She stole and ran up Brandy's credit card.

People began to react on Twitter with one even saying the infamous tape with Ray J could have been out of retaliation.

Of course, the tape had already been shared by the time of the lawsuit but still, Kim's involvement in Brandy and Ray J's family drama is certainly interesting to say the least!

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