Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Slammed By Fans Who Are Revealing Their Negative Customer Experiences

Sounds like they need to make some adjustments to customer services and policies.

Kim Kardashian, SKIMS Instagram 

Kim Kardashian's fans are unimpressed with her brand SKIMS after uncovering their return policy.

SKIMS, which is best known for its shapewear, was co-founded by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grede.

And while the brand has been widely praised for it's high-quality products, some customers have been left feeling frustrated with their customer service.

SKIMS' return policy and lack of exchanges have gotten negative reviews.

Fans report negative experiences shopping at SKIMS, including receiving damaged clothing, trouble returning items, and unnecessary return fees. 


A customer shared her recent difficult experience purchasing an order from SKIMS on the subreddit thread, "r/KUWTK."

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She claims that she placed an order for a few SKIMS items, but she later found a better selection at Nordstrom. 

When she attempted to cancel her order, the website was experiencing technical issues.

“I attempted to cancel my order within the 20 min window but the website kept freezing,” the customer reported. 

“I contacted SKIMS multiple ways through the weekend and even when they first opened this morning.” 


When a representative from SKIMS finally did get back to the customer, she was told that she could not cancel the order nor change the size. 

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“They stated that I can submit for a refund once I get the package or reject the package but there was nothing they could do right now,” she added. 

She was also recently alerted that SKIMS charges a fee for all returns. 

A customer voiced a similar complaint on TikTok after purchasing from SKIMS.

"They're charging me a return shipping fee of $6," the TikToker revealed, showing her return label after she decided to send back some items she was unhappy with.


"I don't even get the full refund," she continued, revealing that after spending $28 on a bandeau bra, before tax, she will only get $24.35 back.



Other Redditors claimed that they also had negative experiences with SKIMS

One user shared the difficulties her friends encountered while purchasing from the brand. 


“Someone bought a $100 gift card to there and they didn’t put the money on it AND refused to fix the issue. The company literally stole $100 from her,” the user wrote. 

The user added that another friend had to pay the company a return fee when they sent her the wrong size items and the same friend received a body suit with a stain and did not send a replacement since they were out of stock. 

One user suggested that the customer contact the company via social media.

“You might want to hit them up in socials,” they recommended. “I used to do social media marketing and we would usually have respond/resolve issues when people would respond to the businesses we worked for.” 


Others shared that they had opposite experiences. “They have had amazing customer service in my experience. Your situation is so annoying though I feel for you,” one user wrote. 

“I’ve bought a ton from them and never had any issues thankfully. Sorry you had a bad experience,” another user commented. 

Kim Kardashian often advertises items from SKIMS on her social media.


She has yet to address those who have negative experiences purchasing from the company. 

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