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Kim Kardashian’s Private Chef Responds To Video Of Her Lashing Out Over Cookies

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's former private chef has finally addressed a scene from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" where Kardashian had a meltdown over cookies made by her chef. 

In the June 2021 episode, Kardashian and her family stayed at a rental cabin on Lake Tahoe. As the SKIMS founder walked into the house, she immediately spotted a cookie display set up for their family vacation.

“Did I not say no to these cookies?” Kardashian snapped, gesturing toward the artfully arranged display of homemade animal cookies. “Like, they have to be taken away. I gained 15 pounds!”

“Like, this is a joke,” she continued, picking up the tiered serving tray. “I’m going to throw them in the toilet.”

Kardashian's sister, Kendall Jenner, then walks into the frame, chastising her sister for trying to throw the cookies away. "OK, well than control yourself, Kim, because I like them!” Jenner responded.

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While the aftermath of the incident was not discussed on the show again, in an interview with The New York Times, the family's private chef, Khristianne Uy, also known as Chef K, spoke about what went on behind the scenes.

Kim Kardashian's chef says she apologized for lashing out.

Uy, 40, who spent years working for the Kardashian family and in the background of "KUWTK," has now found fame on TikTok, with over 100,000 followers on the video sharing platform.

She even joked about Kardashian's cookie meltdown on her profile with the caption, "When you accidentally make Kim K gain 15 pounds," sharing the clip from the episode.



“She was so kind, I wish they would have aired it,” Chef K said.

At the end of the trip, she recalled that Kardashian walked up to her and said, “Chef, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that about your cookies — they’re great. They’re really good, I just have no self-control," Uy told The New York Times of Kardashian's apology after the outburst.

Uy also still cooks regularly for the Kardashian family, telling the publication of their dietary restrictions and preferences with ease.

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“Scott: no dairy,” she recited. “Kourtney: depends on what the doctor says — no eggs, vegan now, no sweet potatoes, no gluten. Khloe: chicken, only white meat. The kids: I memorize their dietary restrictions too. Kendall: nothing spicy. Kim: no cilantro. Kylie: soup all the time.”

On her Instagram page, Uy also shared photos of the food she'd made for Kourtney Kardashian's bachelorette party before she'd married Travis Barker, who was also pictured beside the chef and Kourtney.

Uy also shared that Kourtney is a huge fan of matcha, and has often made matcha cookies, matcha protein balls, and matcha ice cream for the reality star, who even put the recipe for the protein balls on Poosh, her lifestyle brand.

Besides working for the Kardashians, Uy has also worked with actress Charlize Theron, Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, and Charlie Sheen along with his then-wife Denise Richards.

“People don’t know what happens in the back of house,” Uy said about working in a celebrity's kitchen. “There’s a lot of grit, there’s a lot of sacrifice, there’s a lot that goes on for just that 10 minutes of their lunch.”

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