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Witnesses To Triple Homicide Explored In Kim Kardashian's New Podcast Slammed Her For Defending Alleged Killer

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Kim Kardashian’s true crime podcast looks set to upset some people close to the case she will be exploring.

Kardashian has announced she’s joining the true crime podcasting community in the latest issue of Interview Magazine.

“The first season is about a really crazy case where a guy got the death sentence for a triple homicide that happened in Ohio,” she shared.

The new project, called “The System” will be released on Spotify and is a continuation of the criminal justice reform advocacy that has become synonymous with the reality star in recent years.

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“There are so many twists and turns with how it was handled—or mishandled—and we take the listener along for a journey in search of the truth.”

What is Kim Kardashian’s true crime podcast about?

Kardashian will be covering the case of Kevin Keith, a man once convicted of a 1994 triple homicide. 

The podcast, which was first announced in June 2020, will be co-hosted and co-produced by Lori Rothschild Ansaldi.

Kevin Keith was sentenced to the death penalty following the triple homicide.

Keith was arrested in 1994 and convicted of the murders of three people in the same family: Marichell Chatman, Marichell’s four-year-old daughter Marchae, and Marichell’s aunt, Linda Chatman.

The three were killed in an apartment in Bucyrus, Ohio. At the time, Marichell’s cousins Quanita and Quinton and her boyfriend, Richard Warren, were also shot but ultimately survived their injuries.

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Keith was an acquaintance of the family, as were many in the close-knit small town. He’d even babysat the child victims before, according to the Cleveland Scene.

Kevin Keith had an alibi on the day of the murders.

Four witnesses would corroborate this alibi, which placed him miles away from the crime scene, and no forensic evidence linked him to the murder scene, according to ACLU.

Keith was arrested for the murders, convicted and sentenced to death row.

Prosecutors argued Kevin Keith held a grudge against the family.

Prosecutors claimed that Rudel Chatman, a relative of the victims, may have been the intended target and claimed Keith was carrying out revenge after Rudel Chatman snitched on their drug ring.

Authorities believed he fit the description of the suspect given by the surviving victims, and Warren testified that he believed it to be Keith, according to Cleveland.com.

Keith narrowly avoided the death penalty in 2010 when then-Governor Ted Strickland commuted his death sentence just 13 days before it was due to be carried out.

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This left Keith to serve a life sentence in the Marion Correctional Institution.

The commutation was a result of mounting evidence presented by attorneys for Keith pointing to another possible suspect for the murder, while also corroborating Keith’s initial story about where he was that day.

Since his arrest, Keith has kept the same story and insisted he is innocent.

Victims of the shooting have criticized Kim Kardashian and insisted Kevin Keith is guilty.

In 2019, Quanita and Quentin Reeves spoke out after Kardashian first shared her thoughts on the case with her followers.

They dismissed her commentary and recalled the details of the night in an interview with Mansfield News Journal.

The siblings, who were four and six years old at the time of the crime, say they recall speaking to Kevin Keith on the night of the murders after he visited the home with what he allegedly claimed was a laundry bag and in fact was a bag concealing a gun.

The now-adults were both shot in the stomach and had to undergo physical therapy in their recovery. They insist Keith is the man they saw that night.

"There's no doubt in our minds it was him," Quanita said. "We are 100% correct."

"We want her to look into the facts," Quanita said of Kardashian’s interest in the case.

"Of course, he's going to tell you he's innocent. He wants to get out."

Kim Kardashian first spoke about Kevin Keith in 2019.

“I heard about Kevin Keith’s case last year & the more I learn about it, the more I believe the world needs to hear what happened to him!” she tweeted.

“He was on death row & came w/in days of execution before the governor of Ohio commuted his sentence to life w/o parole.”

She even met Keith via a video visit and talked to him about different programs for self-improvement he helped implement while serving his time.

The following year, Kardashian began pleading for his release from jail as the COVID-19 outbreak began to intensify in April 2020.

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