Kim Kardashian Accused Of Photoshopping Her Sons’ Noses & Smiles In Recent Photos

The before and after photos are really something.

Kim Kardashian, Saint West, Psalm West Instagram

Kim Kardashian is well known to photoshop images of herself but now it appears she may be projecting her insecurities on to her children.

The mom-of-four has been documenting a recent trip to New York with her sons, Saint and Pslam, but it appears that the unedited photos of their trip weren't up to her standards.

Fans have been calling her out for prioritizing appearances over embracing how her children really look.


Kim Kardashian was accused of editing photos of her sons.

Instagram user Problematic Fame, @problematicfame regularly probes the dangers of photo-editing — often calling out the Kardashians for their false portrayals of themselves.

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Over the weekend, the account shared before and after photos that appear to show some of the edits Kardashian made to her sons' facial features.

In Instagram stories that were reposted on Reddit, Problematic Fame shows unedited photos that appear to show Psalm with a slightly wider nose than in images posted by his mother.


Fans also spotted a change in Saint's appearance too. the lower part of his mouth was moved upward to give him a sense of smiling.

The alterations are subtle and may be as a result of Kardashian's attempt to make the image more clear rather than due to photoshopping.

However, this isn't the only edit the mogul made.


Kim Kardashian made another very obvious edit on her own Instagram.

Fans noticed a small change to the color of Saint's hat when it went from red to a darker tone to match Kardashian's Instagram aesthetic.



This particular edit is not the most damaging of changes but fans have noted that Kardashian goes to great lengths to curate her Instagram feed — even when that means altering how her children look.

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Kardashian previously admitted to editing a photo of her daughter and niece to match her "aesthetic" but upset fans when that edit involved darkening the skin tone of her niece.

Problematic Fame also followed up by sharing other times Kardashian has altered her children, editing them with flatter stomachs, smaller waistlines, and changing their head shapes.

The Kardashian children, due to the highly publicized lives they lead, are already facing intense public scrutiny over their physical appearances and Kardashian's incessant photoediting may only make their lives more difficult due to the false image their mother has created.


That being said, it is not anyone's place to comment on a child's appearance so hopefully fans will continue to be respectful and kind toward Kardashian's four children.

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