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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Photoshopping Instagram To Replace Kylie Jenner’s Daughter With Her Other Niece

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Kim Kardashian, Chicago, True

Fans of The Kardashians have been left confused after Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram of her daughter and niece that appears to have been badly edited.

The image, which the billionaire reality star shared over the weekend, features two photos of her daughter, Chicago, and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, True, at Disneyland but fans were quick to point out that there was something not quite right.

Kim Kardashian appears to have photoshopped True into the Instagram post.

The image certainly doesn’t look like True was in the original photo and fans, who are rarely fooled by the famous family, were quick to investigate.

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“Why does True look photoshopped in tho?” reads one comment with over 50,000 likes. Other fans asked similar questions.

The family are no stranger to photoshop scandals and using social media to create a carefully crafted public image but editing their children into photos seems to be one of their stranger photoshop fails.

Fans believe Stormi was in the original photo, not True.

Eagle-eyed fans observed that the outfit Kim’s daughter, Chicago, is wearing in the Instagram post was the same one she wore on a Disneyland trip with her cousin Stormi, Kylie Jenner’s daughter, in October.

On this trip, Stormi wore a hoodie that appears to be similar to what True is wearing in the edited photo.

On top of that, the image of True appears to have been cropped from an older photo. 

If you’re still Keeping Up, this all suggests that Kim edited True on to a photo of Stormi and posted it on Instagram.

Many fans were left utterly bewildered as to why the beauty mogul would do this.

"I'm sure there is a reason for this, but I wonder why," one fan asked.

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But others have formed their own theory as to why the typically PR savvy family would make such an obvious mistake.

Fans think the photoshopped image is to distract from the Astroworld tragedy.

Stormi’s parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, have remained largely private since Travis’s November concert where 10 people died during a crowd crush.



It’s possible that Kim didn’t want to include the couple’s daughter in the post in order to avoid unnecessary publicity being drawn to the family.

However, other fans noted that shortly after Kim posted the oddly edited snap, Travis made his return to Instagram with a cryptic black and white Instagram post captioned, “Always.”

The following day, Kylie shared a snap of her pregnancy bump — the couple is expecting their second child — and reflected on the “blessings” and “many heartaches” that 2021 brought.

Fans suspect the timing of the posts were calculated with Kim setting fans up to be confused and distracted so Kylie and Travis could subtly return to social media. 

Kim has yet to respond to the controversy surrounding the posts but since she shared the image, Kylie and Travis have been back to posting on their Instagram stories and feeds. 

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