Why Khloé Kardashian Fans Think Getting Back With Tristan Thompson Was Never What Was Best For True

Fans think Khloé is using True as an excuse.

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Kardashian fans have been debating the potential impacts of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's relationship on their daughter, True.

Last night, in episode 9 of ‘The Kardashians’, the family is seen reacting to finding out that Thompson had cheated on Kardashian, yet again.

Kim Kardashian is seen filled with rage as she first learns about the incident while filming for the show.

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Kardashian and Thompson have had an on/off relationship ever since the NBA star first cheated on the mother of his daughter days before she gave birth.

The most recent cheating scandal, which has brought an end to their relationship once more, resulted in Thompson fathering a child that he tried to hide from Kardashian.


And while Kardashian's resilience and devotion to keeping her family together have been praised on the show, fans are unsure if it was the best idea.

Fans think Khloé Kardashian is using True as an excuse to stay with Tristan Thompson.

One fan posted about it on the Reddit thread r/KUWTK where numerous fans have commented their opinions on the issue.

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"Not only does their relationship not benefit her upbringing, I can't imagine the guilt she'll feel when [she] grows up knowing her mom went through this pain and humiliation, supposedly just for her benefit," a fan wrote in the post.


Some fans think that Khloé choosing to stay with Thompson might be harmful to True.

Fans have been rather ruthless, and insensitive, when it comes to giving parenting advice to Kardashian.

One fan wrote, “True will see what her deadbeat dad did to her mom and she will see that Kardashian was a complete doormat. She teaches her daughter (and other young women) to endure horrible betrayal and [keep] sweet about it.”

Many parents use similar reasons when it comes to staying with their partners after they have committed infidelity. 

It's understandable to want a stable family for your child and, because of how often single parents are shamed, it's also understandable to think that stability means staying with your child's parent even after they have disrespected you many times.


However, this is not always the case.

Relationship coach and family therapist, Lesli Doares tells us, “Creating a healthy marriage provides your children with the stable foundation they crave. Just staying married, with no improvement, continues to create a tension-filled environment for them.”

In addition, the long-term effects children might face in their lives most likely won’t be healthy. 

“If you are staying together for their sake, they will pick up that they have responsibility for your marriage and will try to live up to that responsibility even though they really have no power to change it,” Doares said.


“The strategies they adopt will become a habit for them and impact their future relationships — usually not in a good way.”

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