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Khloé Kardashian Claims Fans Are Trying To 'Discredit' Her 'Hard Work' By Questioning How She Lost Weight

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Khloe Kardashian

After posting pictures of her Sorbet Magazine cover shoot to Instagram on January 3rd, Khloé Kardashian denied claims that she used diabetes medication to lose a drastic amount of weight.

Semaglutide, also known by the brand names Ozempic and Wegovy, suppresses the appetite of those taking it, allowing patients to lose almost a fifth of their body weight.

The drug, which has been approved by the FDA for type-2 Diabetes treatment, is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company.

Semaglutide costs over $900 a dose.

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Rumors surfaced that Khloé Kardashian took the diabetes drug to lose a lot of weight quickly.

Fans have noticed Khloé drastically losing weight in recent months and sparked concern that the mom-of-two may be using some controversial methods to shed pounds.

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Because the drug is primarily for diabetes treatment, the use of semaglutide as a weight loss supplement is off-label. 

Yet celebrity dieticians have reported a surge in requests for the diabetes drug from wealthy clients wanting to lose weight quickly.

Demand for semaglutide as a weight-loss solution has grown so intense that global medication shortages have been reported.

The FDA has even added semaglutide to its drug shortage list.

Those who need treatment for type-2 Diabetes have struggled to find access to the drug, putting their lives at risk.

Following Kim Kardashian’s extreme weight loss for the Met Gala in May 2022, rumors persist that the Kardashian sisters utilize the diabetes drug to control their weight.

In an interview with Vogue Magazine, Kim reported that she lost 16 pounds in three weeks, in order to fit into a dress that once belonged to Marilyn Monroe. 

After the interview, unsubstantiated rumors that she took semaglutide began to fly.

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Those same rumors are now plaguing Khloé, as an Instagram commenter noted “The fact that she uses dibetic [sic] medicine to get this skinny is disturbing.”

Khloé commented back, saying, “Let's not discredit my years of working out. I get up 5 days a week at 6am to train. Please stop with your assumptions.’ 

“I guess new year still means mean people,” Khloé wrote. 

While Khloé certainly documents her workout routine on social media, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that she uses other means to lose weight.

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Khloé has yet to confirm or deny if she uses weight-loss drugs in addition to working out.

Khloé went on to say that “attacking someone is sad in my opinion. Unprovoked is the saddest part. If you are offended or don’t like what you see, you simply don’t have to say anything.”

Other Instagram commenters were quick to point out the hypocrisy of building a brand based on self-love and acceptance while simultaneously focusing solely on physical appearance.

“Millions of girls have body issues because of you and the lies your family perpetuate,” wrote one user.

“People are not upset with how you look. They are upset at your dishonesty with how you got there,” noted another.

While living in full view of very public scrutiny can’t be easy, it wouldn't be that hard for the Kardashians to own up to the truth, either.

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