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Kevin Federline Says Britney Spears’ Father ‘Saved’ Her After Seeking Restraining Order Against Him

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Amid Kevin Federline's tell-all interviews regarding Britney Spears and the relationship she has with her two sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, Federline is now backtracking on previous comments he made about Spears' father.

Federline had previously spoken about Jamie Spears in an interview with the Daily Mail, praising him for "saving" Britney by putting her under the conservatorship. 

Britney has spoken out multiple times against her conservatorship, which was terminated in November 2021, calling it "abusive" while in court. During the intense legal battle, the 'Circus' singer told a judge that she thought her father should be jailed for his treatment of her.

She alleged that her "entire family" refused to help her while she was forced to do things against her will, including giving "tons of blood weekly" and getting an IUD implant against her wishes.

Kevin Federline insists Jamie Spears 'saved' Britney.

Federline's comments about Jamie Spears immediately caused major backlash, especially after Britney had publicly condemned her father.

"This whole thing has been hard to watch, harder to live through, harder to watch my boys go through than anything else," Federline said. 'It's been tough. It's the most challenging thing I've ever had to do in my life."

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"I saw this man that really cared, and really cares about his family and wanting everything to be okay," he continued. 'When Jamie took over [the convervatorship], things got into order. He saved her life."

Federline even shared that he is open to having his two sons reconcile with their grandfather, despite actions he took against Jamie Spears in the past.

Jamie Spears was previously accused of getting in a physical altercation with Britney's son.

Back in 2019, according to US Weekly, Federline filed a police report and was granted a restraining order against Jamie after an altercation happened between him and then-13-year-old Sean.

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The order had been obtained after a physical altercation occurred between Jamie and Sean at Jamie's condo in August 2019. Federline claimed Jamie broke down a door to get to Sean and grabbed him once he was in the room.

“Jamie has a temper, which is no secret to anyone in the family,” a source told US. “Fortunately, Britney did the right thing and took her boys to safety and away from her father. The whole incident was very upsetting to her and her boys. Kevin was and still is furious.”  

Federline and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court following the incident for an emergency hearing to seek a restraining order against Jamie.

The claims against Jamie Spears allowed Kevin Federline to get primary custody of his sons.

The order was granted with no objection from Britney's father and prohibits him from seeing both Sean and Jayden for the following three years. It also reduced Britney's custody of her sons, which had been split 50-50, but following the order, Federline was given 70% and Britney was given 30% unsupervised custodial rights.

In Federline's interview with the Daily Mail, the former backup dancer claimed that he would "welcome Jamie back into the boys' lives."

"If that's what the boys wanted," Federline said. "I don't have any hard feelings towards Jamie Spears. People make mistakes. I feel bad for him. I feel like he's been put through the wringer."

Despite Federline changing his tune and sharing his optimism over his sons' reconciling with Jamie, in 2020, Federline and Spears' youngest son, Jayden, slammed his grandfather during an Instagram live.

During the 20-minute video, a follower wrote, “kill your grandfather,” Jayden responded, “Bro, I was thinking the same thing."

Then, when a fan asked the teenager, “Is your grandpa a jerk?,” Jayden responded, “Yeah, he’s a pretty big d—k. He’s pretty f—king gay as s—t. He can go die.”

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