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Kendall Jenner Caught Illegally Parking In Disabled Parking Space Again — Source Says She Does It Deliberately

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Kendall Jenner

Fans are once again calling out Kendall Jenner for her repeated use of disabled parking — despite being seemingly able-bodied.

The model has been caught time and time again parking her cars in spots typically reserved for people who need to be closer to premises entrances due to a disability.

And despite fans' complaints, Jenner appears to be ignoring concerns.

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Kendall Jenner has been caught using disabled parking yet again.

On November 22, The Daily Mail reported that Jenner parked once again in a disabled parking space to attend a pilates class days prior, despite being able-bodied and not having a parking permit to do so.



27-year-old Jenner attended an hour-long class at Hot Pilates in West Hollywood, during which time she parked her silver $99,000 Land Rover Defender in a disabled parking spot. 

Parking in a disabled spot without a permit is illegal in all 50 states and can cost drivers a fine of up to $1,000.

In some cases, drivers can have their cars towed and their licenses revoked. Jenner left her Pilates class and returned to her car without repercussions.

After the class ended, she walked back to her car and flashed the paparazzi a peace sign before driving away.

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Kendall Jenner has been known to illegally park in disabled spaces often.

She's done so along with friend and model Hailey Bieber, while the two attend Pilates classes together.

According to TMZ insiders, the gym has requested in the past that Jenner park in a disabled spot in order to not cause a scene with paparazzi waiting outside.

Yet the Pilates studio doesn’t own the space in the parking lot and has no authority to determine who parks where.

TMZ also reported that Jenner’s security guards stood by to move the car in case a disabled person needed the space, yet this puts the responsibility of asking on the people who the disabled spaces are designed for in the first place.

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Social media users have made scathing critiques of Jenner in the past for parking illegally.

“As a disabled person, there are already not enough handicap spots, especially in any big city, so much that many disabled people give up on going to places where it's hard to find accessible parking,” said one user on Reddit.

Noting that the issue is larger than Jenner herself, the user believes that her action “contributes to the world being inaccessible if not outright ableist.”

Another user commented that “people have NO idea how many obstacles handicapped people ALREADY have to face in our society and especially in a big city like LA.”

Yet another user noted that “Pilates is often the follow-up to physical therapy for injured and disabled persons.”

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