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Katy Perry Accused Of Being 'Trash' To Work With & A 'Nightmare' Behind Closed Doors

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry is feeling the wrath of the internet after sharing a photo of her casting her vote to Rick Caruso — a Republican-turned-Democrat who is anti-abortion — in the race for Los Angeles mayor.

The singer is facing backlash from all angles, with some ghosts of her past reappearing to air their grievances.

Now, voice actress and singer-songwriter named Grey DeLisle — known for voicing Daphnie Blake from Scooby Doo — took the opportunity to reveal that Perry is actually difficult to work with.

Grey DeLisle claims that Katy Perry is 'trash' for how she treats staff.

A day after polling stations for the midterm elections closed on November 8th, 2022, DeLisle launched a tweet hoping to call out Perry for her behavior and hold her accountable for her actions.

“A bunch of friends who work in production have always told me what a nightmare [Katy Perry] was behind the scenes and now that she took a selfie voting for an anti-choice candidate who wants to round-up the unhoused…I feel very comfy telling you guys that she is 100% TRASH,” she wrote in the tweet.

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Many in DeLisle’s replies agreed and criticized Perry for voting for Caruso over Democrat Karen Bass whose main promise was to house the overwhelming unhoused population in Los Angeles.

Someone yelled “Trash indeed!” and others brought up her past feuds like when she fought with Taylor Swift over backup dancers.

“I don’t kiss celebrity a--,” she continued. “If you’re shi--y to the crew, I will name names.”

Although several people agreed with DeLisle, many people were also skeptical about the seemingly random declaration from someone who has never had to work with the pop star.

“Fair, but can you elaborate?” someone asked. “You've given no context in terms of when, where, how, etc.”

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“Interesting you say you will name names but you only did so after it became trendy to criticize her online? Doesn’t come across as genuine at all,” another user wrote.

DeLisle consistently fired back at those in her replies with the same message, referring to Perry’s post on Instagram where she took a selfie in a polling booth with the name “Rick J. Caruso” checked off.

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Katy Perry was under fire on Twitter after posting her polling booth photo on Instagram.

“I am voting for a myriad of reasons (see the news) but in particular because Los Angeles is a hot mess atm,” she wrote in the caption.

The comments on the post were quickly shut off, but on Twitter, everyone is expressing their disappointment.

“I love all the horrible LA celebrities (Chris Pratt, Katy Perry, etc.) making pro-Caruso posts that are like The City Is Falling Apart and all they mean is that they have to occasionally see unhoused people from their limos, that's it,” one user tweeted.

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“Katy Perry really didn’t have to post that tho,” wrote another user.

Although taking photos at polling locations is no longer illegal in California — a law that changed in 2018 — it’s definitely something that would spark controversy, especially if the photo is posted online.

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