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Why Meghan Markle Is Allegedly Holding A Grudge Against Katy Perry

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle; Katy Perry

Meghan Markle reportedly has a grudge against Katy Perry over a comment the pop star made in 2018.

The Duchess of Sussex, who wed Prince Harry in 2018, counts Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom as her neighbors ever since purchasing a home in the same Montecito neighborhood as the couple but it seems the two families won't be hosting each other for a dinner party anytime soon.

Meghan Markle reportedly still dislikes Katy Perry for commenting on her wedding dress.

While on the red carpet ahead of the 2018 finale of "American Idol," Perry was asked for her thoughts on the dress and appeared less than impressed by Markle's gown.

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"I would've done one more fitting," Perry joked before adding, "Kate [Middleton] won."

Prince Harry and Meghan are reportedly friendly with Orlando Bloom — but not Katy Perry.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, a source claimed: "Orlando is very sympathetic towards Harry and Meghan and does reach out if he ever sees anything suspicious in the neighborhood."

"However, Meghan is keenly aware of a comment that Katy Perry made in 2018 about her wedding dress and is notorious for holding a grudge." 

Markle seems to have taken the joke personally and doesn't feel the need to be friends with someone who was harsh about her.

"While the comment wasn't meant to be hurtful, Meghan felt under siege at that time and was overwhelmed by arguments with staff, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Thomas Markle," the source continued, reflecting on the difficult time Markle while still part of the British Royal family. 

They also said, "I would not expect to see Meghan and Katy carpooling to PTA meetings anytime in the future!"

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However, while this source says that the Duchess and the Prince are on good terms with Bloom, another source has contradicted the claim, stating that the former Royals and the actor are not as close as previously reported.

They said, "While Harry is sincerely grateful to anyone that is proactive in protecting his family, The Duke of Sussex and Orlando fit more into the acquaintance category than friends." 

Prince Harry has also been preparing to release his tell-all book this fall. 

Ahead of the upcoming release of Harry's tell-all book in the fall of this year, sources say that he has been "intensely focused" on investigating Princess Diana's final hours before her passing. 

A source explained, saying, "There have been approaches which suggest Prince Harry is intensely focused on getting more information about his mother's death." 

"There are plenty of people in France who recall the night of the accident. It's only normal that Diana's son should want to learn more about it for his book," the source added. 

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