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Kanye West Has Reportedly Reached Out To One Of Kim Kardashian’s Sisters To Help Win Her Back

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Off the back of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's breakup, Kanye West is reportedly hoping he can reconcile with his ex-wife.

After ending their almost 7-year marriage in early 2021, West and Kardashian are gearing up for a divorce trial which is expected to take place in December.

However, the rapper-turned-designer is reportedly hoping to stop proceedings from reaching a conclusion and has enlisted some help to do so.

Kanye West reportedly wants Kourtney Kardashian to help him win Kim back.

A source close to the rapper tells the Sun, "Kanye still loves Kim. He wants her back and for their family to be together again. Family means the world to Kanye, nothing else matters."

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"He has even reached out to Kourtney who he had been friends with for years, even before he and Kim got married," the source says.

West hopes that Kardashian's sister will help him convince her to give him a second chance because he believes they are meant to be together.

"They are all still like family, it's all love between them and they have all supported each other through their ups and downs," the insider continued.

"Kanye's hoping Kim's big sister will put in a good word for him. Kim is his one true love."

A rep for West has not commented on the situation.

Fans have speculated that Kardashian and West have reconciled.

After Davidson and Kardashian called it quits, many fans seemed to believe that Kimye was back on. The star recently posed on Instagram wearing a white bikini with a shirt reading "The Incredibles."

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Fans were quick to compare the image to a moment from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" in which West compared his and Kardashian's family to the Pixar movie.



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However, West's reaction to Kardashian and Davidson's breakup may have ruined his chances.

Even if West could have restored himself to Kardashian's good graces with the help of her sister, his continued harassment of Davidson might have been the final nail in Kimye's coffin.

After news of the split broke, West took to Instagram to share a fake image announcing "Skete Davidson" had died.

Though West, who shares four children with Kardashian, eventually deleted the image, Kardashian was reportedly furious about it.

A source told E! News that the billionaire businesswoman is "not okay with this type of behavior and won't tolerate her loved ones being treated like this."

"She has asked numerous times for him to take down the post," the insider added. "She will always protect Pete."

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