Johnny Depp Spent $25,000 On A Nude Portrait Of Kate Middleton While Married To Amber Heard

Wonder what Amber Heard had to say about it.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Kate Middleton

Johnny Depp once purchased a nude painting of Kate Middleton for a hefty price back in 2014.

While still married to ex-wife Amber Heard, with whom he is still locked in a legal battle as they both seek to appeal the verdict handed down in his defamation trial against her, Depp reportedly had his sights on another woman.

Johnny Depp purchased a painting of a nude, pregnant Kate Middleton.

The 59-year-old actor was reportedly a fan of Pegasus, a street artist best known for his work that is inspired by pop culture icons.


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Depp attended the artist’s studio opening back in 2014 and wasted no time in buying up a portrait of a pregnant Kate Middleton who wore nothing but a crown on her baby bump with the subtitle “Game of Thrones.”

At the time, Middleton was pregnant with her second child, Princess Charlotte. Unsurprisingly, Prince William's wife did not pose for the painting and it's unclear if she was asked for permission.

Depp purchased the painting for a clean $25,000.

According to HuffPost, Pegasus’s manager knew that Depp was on the way and knew exactly what he wanted to buy before he showed up.


"I knew Johnny was coming and wanted the two Kate Middleton works,” said the artist’s manager, Leonard Villa. “He was extremely charming and immediately bought the painting and put down an offer for the second one.”

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According to Cosmopolitan, Pegasus famously spray-painted that same portrait of the nude Duchess of Cambridge, entitled “Crowned,” on a wall in North London.

During Depp’s escapade, he also purchased a $25,000 painting of Queen Elizabeth, although it’s unclear whether or not she was nude in that one.


Perhaps Depp has a love for the Royals or the United Kingdom in general as he recently spent time touring there with guitarist, Jeff Beck, for his newest album and even skipped out on the last hearing for his defamation trial to visit a UK pub.

Johnny Depp will return to Europe for upcoming projects.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Depp will be directing the movie “Modigliani” about an Italian artist named Amedeo Modigliani alongside producers Al Pacino and Barry Navidi.

Before that, however, he will have to finish filming French director Maïwenn’s historical love story Jeanne du Barry — which will be Depp’s first acting feature in three years.


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