Is Sophie Turner Pregnant? Actress And Husband Joe Jonas Reportedly Expecting First Child Together

Is the queen of the North about to become a mom?

Is Sophie Turner Pregnant? Actress And Husband Joe Jonas Reportedly Expecting First Child Together Getty Images 

Between the end of Game of Thrones and the Jonas Brothers' comeback, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have had one heck of a year and now, it sounds like they have something else exciting happening, too. 

Reportedly, Turner and Jonas are expecting their first child together, which obviously has fans excited ... but is there any truth to these rumors? 

Is Sophie Turner pregnant for real? Their baby would be absolutely gorgeous, so here's everything we know about their potential pregnancy.


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1. Reports first surfaced on Wednesday claiming Turner is pregnant.

It's important to note that Turner and Jonas didn't break this news themselves — instead, it came from sources claiming to be close to the couple who said that Turner is expecting.


“The couple is keeping things very hush-hush but their friends and family are super-excited for them,” one source said.

“Sophie has decidedly been choosing outfits to wear on and off the carpet to accommodate her changing body," another source added, explaining why fans haven't noticed much of a difference in her appearance. 

2. Turner's been seen potentially hiding a baby bump. 

When the news broke, Turner and Jonas were in Zurich, and it didn't take long before she was spotted in public for the first time. It's hard to say if she's sporting a bump quite yet or not, though — she was seen wearing a bomber jacket, making it impossible to tell for sure if there's any evidence of a growing baby. And even though they were spotted by paparazzi, it doesn't look like Jonas or Turner dropped any hints about the news, either. 

3. Multiple sources have confirmed the news.

It seems like outlets all over are confirming Turner's pregnancy via their sources close to the couple but still, nothing's come directly from the couple themselves. Some outlets are reporting that Sophie is due mid-summer, which would mean that she's likely already in her second trimester... and that means that they've managed to keep this a secret for a pretty long time.


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4. It's business as usual on Turner's Instagram. 



A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on Feb 4, 2020 at 10:43am PST

Turner's most recent Instagram post was shared almost two weeks ago, and included a photo of her and Jonas, writing in the caption, "Happiness begins with you, bub," as a reference to the Jonas Brothers' most recent album. Since then, she's been radio silent, and there haven't seemed to be any hints about pregnancy over the past few months as Turner has mostly stuck to updates on her career and more photos with her husband.


5. Jonas has posted on Instagram since, but not about anything baby-related. 



A post shared by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on Feb 13, 2020 at 6:36am PST

Jonas has shared a post since the news broke, but he chose not to acknowledge the baby rumors whatsoever. Instead, he posted a photo standing in the bathroom with a towel around his waist, his dog posing beside him as he made a joke in the caption about the dog checking out his butt.

So what's the deal, Jonas? Are you about to become a dad or what? Fill us in! 


6. So ... is Sophie Turner pregnant? Jonas and Turner will likely update fans when they're ready.

When it comes to the milestones in their life together (like their wedding last summer), Jonas and Turner have always been happy to share with fans. In their own time, surely they'll announce the happy news ... but for now, we're left to our own curiosity (and looking for clues in their social media posts, of course).

Here's hoping an official baby announcement comes soon!

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