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Kelly Clarkson Will Pay Ex Husband $1.3 Million Plus $45K A Month, But She Has Primary Custody Of Their Kids

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Kelly Clarkson Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's divorce has been finalized following a long and tumultuous legal back and forth.

Clarkson filed for divorce way back in June 2020 after almost 7 years of marriage and has been transparent about the toll the proceedings have taken on her.

Clarkson said in an interview last year, "I've been talking to friends that have been through a divorce. I don't know how people go through that without having some kind of outlet because it is the worst thing ever for everyone involved."

Clarkson was awarded primary physical custody of their children — River Rose Blackstock, 7, and son Remington Alexander Blackstock, 5 — but still shares custody with Blackstock.

They will live with Clarkson in Los Angeles and will visit their father, who is currently based in Montana, on the first and fifth weekends of each month.

However, what has shocked fans is not their custody agreement but the staggering child and spousal support payments Clarkson is ordered to pay.

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How much did Kelly Clarkson pay ex-husband in child & spousal support?

A Los Angeles County judge decided that Clarkson would have to pay one-time payment of just over $1.3 million, as well as a monthly child support payment of $45,601 for their two children.

She will also pay Blackstock monthly payments of $115,000 in spousal support until Jan. 31, 2024 as well as a one-time reimbursement payment of $350,000 for their children's private air travel.

That’s a steep price to pay given that Clarkson remains the children's primary custodian.



Court documents also decided that the children would have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for travel purposes.

Clarkson was awarded the couple's two properties in Montana and their California home.

Blackstock will pay $2,000 a month in rent for one of the Montana property and $12,500 per month for the second until he vacates on or before June 1, 2022.

The large lump sum Clarkson must pay calls into question “Why does Blackstock need that much money in support when Clarkson is the primary custody holder of their children?”

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What is Brandon Blackstock's net worth?

Though Blackstock’s net worth is significantly lower than Clarkson’s, he still isn’t in a bad situation at $10 million as of 2020, reportedly.

His financial situation and controversial history of alleged fraud against Clarkson certainly calls into question the necessity of his lucrative spousal support deal. 

He currently works as an American Talent Manager and as many know he used to manage Clarkson herself. Other clients of his include Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts. Blackstock works alongside his father at their company Starstruck Management.

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Brandon Blackstock allegedly took money from Kelly Clarkson through fraud.

Clarkson filed back in October a defraud claim to the California Labor Commissioner's Office. Clarkson claims that her 2007 “oral agreement” with Starstruck Management was a “fraudulent and subterfuge device.” 

She then accused Blackstock and his father, Narvel Blackstock — both of whom have managed her in the past — of working as unlicensed California talent agents. 

Clarkson's claim was in response to a filing by her estranged father-in-law saying she owed his firm $1.4 million and would ultimately owe an additional $4 million more from money she earned as a judge on "The Voice" and as host of "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

However, Clarkson claims the agency demanded “unconscionable fees” for “illegal services” as they were not licensed talent agents, as California law requires.

Of course, Blackstock has denied all of this and this case is still ongoing.

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Should Kelly Clarkson have to pay Brandon Blackstock spousal support?

The question of whether the high spousal support claim is warranted is a difficult one.

It is true that spousal/child support does help those who cannot work to support their child. This is especially true for couples who have decided amongst themselves that one person will stay home with the children while the other goes to work. So when these couples decide to divorce, it leaves one parent in a bad situation. Therefore spousal and child support is a good thing in our legal system.

But what should be called into question is why the amount isn’t universal. Why do celebrities pay so much more to raise a child than it does for a regular person? The average amount for child support is $5,760 per year which is less than $500 a month.

While Clarkson is paying far more than that. Not including the additional monthly payments. That's a big gap.

The answer? Child/spousal support is calculated on several things, but net income is the biggest factor. That is the reason behind the outrageous amount of money Clarkson has to pay to Blackstock.

However, it is still an excessive amount when you look at what the average is for low-income households. So begs the question, are those low-income children not worth more?

For Blackstock, he has the necessities to raise his children with Clarkson without that obnoxious amount of support the court has ordered. He's sitting pretty with a net worth of $10 million and a strong income, so the children would be fine without that extra money coming in. 

But that’s just my humble opinion.

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