Everything You Need To Know About The Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson Feud

What's really going on?

Everything You Need To Know About The Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson Feud Instagram

The public sure does seem to enjoy a good feud and has been rooting for one between Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson for YEARS. The two are known for winning their individual seasons of American Idol and are the most successful contestants to come from the show. Although the two have denied this so-called feud several times, recent accusations from close sources of an existing feud have turned some heads. Close sources say the two are currently on the outs because Underwood turned down the opportunity to appear on Kelly Clarkson’s new show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, which Clarkson was reportedly not too happy with.


Although this information has not been confirmed, it does spark an interest in why Underwood would choose to turn down the opportunity to publicly address the feud and put the rumors to rest. However, Underwood has been on tour for her Cry Pretty album, which could explain why she may have turned down the offer. The question of an existing feud does make one wonder if some ounce of rivalry exists to see which star can be known as the American Idol star with the most successful career, but this is merely a theory. Underwood and Clarkson seem like two of the nicest, most genuine people, so I don’t know how to feel about an existing feud between them.


Do we have the next Joan Crawford and Bette Davis scenario on our hands or are people just fishing for a feud? Read on to see how the feud came to surface and what the American Idol stars have had to say about it. Here's everything you need to know about the Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson feud.

Check out this video from just last year where the two addressed the feuding rumors.

1. Rumors of an existing feud between the two sparked attention back in 2018

Rumors of a feud have been in the making for a while now. It was back in 2018 when tabloids published articles on a rivalry existing between the two due to wanting to be the most known star from American Idol. There have also been rumors of jealousy of each other’s career and status.


2. The supposed feud is rumored to exist because of jealousy

According to Radar, “Carrie was jealous Kelly got a coaching gig on The Voice that she thought should’ve been hers. And Kelly’s always been jealous that Carrie’s the bestselling idol to come out of Idol.”

If you ask me, these are both positions of success in their own way, so I don’t see how either of the two could have any resentment for the other when continuing to be on the up-and-up with their careers.

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3. Both musicians addressed the feud back in April

Back in April, Star magazine released a tabloid with Underwood and Clarkson on the cover with the headline, “Secret Feud Explodes.” Their reaction? Clarkson was an incredibly good sport about the situation and even took to Twitter to comment on how she felt: “Someone just sent me this & I’m like why does she get the good pic & I have the worst expression I’ve ever made w/zero muscles being used in my face ha!” She continued, “I officially have a feud w/whoever used this pic! At least give me a good pic if y’all are gonna be lying is all I’m sayin’.”

Another user responded that a bad picture of Underwood simply doesn’t exist, and Clarkson replied with “touché.”

4. Neither Clarkson or Underwood have addressed the recent rumors

Both women seem to be pretty busy these days, so it’s understandable that they may not have time to give their input on the rumors.

Underwood is less than a week away from the next show in her "Cry Prettytour and even has her own book in the works, which is expected to be released in 2020.


Clarkson has also pursued exciting endeavors with her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show debuting Monday, Sept. 9. The first guest expected to appear on the show is Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, who offered to fill in for Kevin Hart after he sustained serious injuries due to a recent car accident. The content of the show is expected to be very laid back where “no topics are off limits.”

5. Clarkson once chatted up Underwood on the Red Carpet to clear the air

In 2018, at the Radio Disney Awards, Clarkson spotted Underwood and took the opportunity to get photos with the fellow celeb to stun the public and squash the beef. The photos made headlines the following day.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she explained what her motives were behind this encounter and how it all came about:

"Everybody always tries to pit me and Carrie against each other. So, when I saw her I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s just end this right now and get a picture together because we are never in the same place.' And, like, it never happens. And people always try to put it together like we’re enemies. And I’m like, ‘We don’t even know each other well enough to be enemies.' So, anyway, I went to get a picture and then everybody lost their mind."


What a fun way to squash the beef and create a little controversy!

6. Both women have shared nothing but positivity and support towards each other on social media

It seems the public just wants there to be a feud between the two. According to Taste of Country, back in April of 2018, a poll went out asking readers to vote on which one of them was the greatest American Idol winner of all time. Underwood took to Twitter to respond that she wished "more publications would just celebrate women’s success without pitting them against each other."


Clarkson responded, “I think we’re both winning in life and pretty blessed! Singers, mamas, CEO’s....”

And Underwood replied with, “Whatever, girl. I voted for you.” she continued, “But seriously, I do wish more publications would just celebrate women’s success without pitting them against each other...”

Both women seem to have nothing but love for each other and I deem these two as winners for addressing rumors in the best way possible.

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