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Fans Think They’ve Found Harry Styles’ Secret TikTok Account — And It Features Clues About His New Album

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Harry Styles, TikTok

As fans of Harry Styles patiently wait for information on his third album — which is expected to be released sometime in the next few months — they’ve been scouring the internet for clues about what is to come.

Fans happened upon an obscure TikTok account that appears to be somehow linked to the “Watermelon Sugar” singer and are now convinced that it is part of Styles’ efforts to promote his upcoming album, which they have dubbed HS3.

What is Harry Styles’ TikTok name?

The secret account, @suemonella, is believed to belong to Styles or someone close to him. 

Styles has no official personal TikTok account — though his management and team does run HSHQ (Harry Styles Headquarters) accounts on all the main social media platforms.

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The singer is known for being extremely private between his album cycles and rarely posts on his personal Instagram or Twitter apart from to promote music or tours. 

Fans have found clues linking Harry Styles to the TikTok account @suemonella.

When the 28-year-old was photographed leaving Abbey Road studios in London last week, fans spotted what appears to be a TikTok account opened on his phone.

At the time when Styles' phone screen was photographed, the account had only posted two videos which appear to be visible in the zoomed-in images of the phone.

Later, the account posted a video in which a schedule sheet with the band name “Wolf Alice” written on it is seen alongside a woman who resembles the band’s lead singer, Ellie Rowsell.



Wolf Alice is due to open for Styles on his European tour this summer.

@suemonella posted information about Harry Styles’ new album.

In the paparazzi photos above, Styles was also seen holding a bag with Spotify’s logo on it. 

Then, shortly after this, the TikTok account posted two videos showcasing a plaque, from Spotify, congratulating the artist on achieving 1 billion streams.



In the background, fans spotted a piece of paper with the words “HS3 announcement video” written on it. 

Styles has been spotted filming secret projects over the course of the past month so something is likely in the works.

If all that wasn’t convincing enough, a look at the first two videos on the account suggests fans are onto something here.

The first video is shots of a fruit bowl, in which a hand with a very obviously drawn-on tattoo of a cross is seen in the exact place where Styles has the same tattoo.



Fans think this may be the singer poking fun at his own secret account or it could be a member of his team posing as him.

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The second video shows someone walking up a pink stairs, which fans believe is in Styles’ home based on images that circulated in the past.

The TikTok has also been linked to Harry Styles’ friend Harry Lambert.

Celebrity stylist, and longtime friend of Styles, Harry Lambert is known by fans for having inside jokes with the singer so some suspected he might be running the account.

Lambert has referred to Styles as “Angel Sue” in several Instagram posts leading fans to think that the TikTok username may be a nod to this nickname.

Of course, we still have no confirmation on whether Styles or someone close to him runs the account or if this is all an elaborate ruse. 

But, thanks to the account, fans have something to keep themselves entertained until HS3 is announced.

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