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Mom Shows Off Her Messy Home While Boyfriend Sits On His Phone — Fans Say She 'Needs Therapy'

Photo: TikTok
Taylor Frankie Paul

Fans are concerned about a popular mommy influencer after she shared what her home looks like on a daily basis.

After beginning her video with the caption, "Your room is a reflection of your mind," Taylor Frankie Paul showed viewers her home which was filled with piles of laundry, kids toys, and boxes scattered everywhere.

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Fans fear Taylor Frankie Paul needs help after seeing the state of her home. 

Paul, who has over 3 million followers, went viral earlier this year after revealing that her marriage broke down after she cheated on her then-husband.

In what became known as TikTok's "Mormon soft-swinging" scandal, Paul and another married man cheated on their partners after both couples participated in a swinging agreement.

Since then, Paul has candidly documented the highs and lows of divorce, co-parenting, dating and — most recently — a traumatic ectopic pregnancy that has left her struggling with her mental health.

A look inside Paul's home demonstrates this further.

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The first shot displays Paul’s boyfriend and son sitting on the couch on their phones in the living room. There are blankets strewn across the floor before Paul cuts to the kitchen. 

Trash bags, leftover food, and kitchen utensils litter the area along with a pile of clothes in the back corner. 

There is an uncleaned highchair with shoes tossed underneath it. 

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Next, Paul takes viewers into her daughter’s bedroom. There is an unmade bed, toys, clothes, and blankets that cover so much of the floor the carpet underneath is barely visible. 

In Paul’s own bedroom, there are coat hangers, clothes, and boots composed into a pile parked right in front of her bed where her laughter lays in. 

Finally, Paul leads us into her bathroom, which is somehow even more disastrous. Make-up, bottles of hand soap, and face wash are scattered across the counter. 

The bathroom’s closet door is propped open, and inside lays another mountain of clothes and coat hangers. 

“Jealous I’m so clear-headed?” Paul sarcastically captioned her video. 

Some TikTok users slammed Paul for her messy and disorganized home. 

“I’m stressed just watching this,” one user commented. 

“I could never. I can’t even think straight in a messy home,” another user wrote. 

“My husband would leave me for real,” another user chimed in. “Lazy and disorganized,” another user added. “How do you live like this?” another user asked. 

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However, other users claimed that Paul’s home reflected theirs and thanked her for being honest about the overwhelming chaos of life. 

“I appreciate someone on this platform actually being honest. Makes me not feel so bad for having a messy house at times,” one user expressed. 

“This made me feel so much better. I feel like influencers only post when their house is perfect looking and it makes me feel like I’m failing as a mom,” another user shared. 

“Do you know what, thank you for this…my place looks like this and now I’m happy I’m not the only one,” another user wrote. 

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Others were concerned about Paul’s mental well-being and urged her to seek professional help. 

Those with mental health struggles including anxiety and depression often live in messy spaces due to feelings of hopelessness, low energy, and lack of motivation. 

“Hire a cleaning service! If you’re not in the right headspace to clean yourself this will truly help you,” one user suggested. 

“You need to go to therapy,” another user advised. 

“Maybe it [the video] was a call for help. We should be kind to one another,” another user pointed out. 

Paul has been open about her life as a social media influencer in the past. She recently shared that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the loss of her unborn child. 



The difficult time she endured may very well relate to her messy home. 

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