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Daughter Shares Mom's Upsetting Reaction To Her Husband Forgetting Her Birthday 'Every Year'

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Camilla Pavan strayed away from her usual posts of the various travel destinations she visits, her outfits, and stories about her boyfriend in order to post about her mother’s birthday.

On the day of her mother’s birthday, she received a heartbreaking text that warranted a video dedicated to the incredible offense that her father committed.

Camilla Pavan’s father had forgotten his wife’s birthday once again.

The heartbreaking text that Camilla received from her mother, Sonia, read “Milo, dad forgot about my bday. So if you are home don’t say anything.”

Sonia told Camilla not to say anything because she likely wants to see if her husband will say anything by the end of the day — but they don’t think it’s likely.

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In the video, a text box is placed just under the text and reads “this happens every year.”

“We canceled dinner plans so she can wake up tomorrow and say yesterday was my birthday,” the caption on the video read.

It seems like this is something they’re used to, as they’ve already put a plan in place in order to confront the man about the annual offense, but users on TikTok were appalled by his behavior.

“Come on, let’s go,” read one user’s comment. “We’re all taking mom to dinner. Dad can clean the toilets.”

Another wrote, “my dad did this to my mom so on his birthday we said nothing and got him nothing and he was confused all day.”

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A third said “you should say it’s a girl's day and go out to dinner together. until he realizes that your ‘girls day’ once a year is her bday.”

Many people called for Sonia to divorce her husband, believing that she — at the very least — deserves a partner who will remember the only event besides a holiday that occurs once a year.

Others praised her willingness to keep quiet about his transgressions until the next day, as they claimed that they would have thrown “the biggest fit” if that were their mother.

The video was viewed nearly 6 million times and had over 3000 comments, all of which were very sympathetic towards Sonia — who read the comments after the video went viral.

Camilla shared an update in the comments, saying “I [sic] showed her the comments and she almost cried. She said she’s going to read every single one of them tonight in bed thank you guys.”

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Camilla posted a second video with Sonia’s thanks for all the nice comments.

“I like the vegetation there, it’s pretty,” she tells her daughter as she decides where she wants to film her thank you video.

“She said ‘I don’t want it to be sad I want it to be funny,’” Camilla said as her mother was all laughs in front of the camera with the vegetation behind her.



“Hi guys thank you so much for your comments, it [made] my day so much more [sic] special,” Sonia said to the camera, “although it should have come from someone else.”

Camilla said her thanks and wished everyone off as well, writing “look at her she’s a queen and deserves the world” in a text box in the video.

“I love her how can you not love Sonia. she’s still reading the comments awww,” read the caption as more users came into the comments with their kind words and funny jokes.

“Tell her she’s our wife now,” read the top comment, as there has been no update on the father’s end of the situation.

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