Fan Predicts Exactly How Taylor Swift Is Going To Announce Her Marriage To Joe Alwyn

One TikToker thinks she knows "all too well" what's up.

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Taylor Swift already has a busy 2023 planned with The Eras Tour—not to mention all the blowback from that whole Ticketmaster debacle.

But a TikToker has some ideas about what else might be on the calendar for TSwift next year.

From new songs and a new album to the details of her engagement to Joe Alwyn—and when she's going to get married—if these predictions are correct it's going to be a busy year for Swifties.


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A fan predict Taylor Swift will announce her marriage and some exciting collabs in 2022.

TikTok GirlBossTown laid out what she thinks Taylor has coming as part of a series of videos about what all kinds of celebrities might get up to in the New Year. So what does she think is on tap for Swift?




Taylor Swift may have another spread in "Vogue"—and it could tell us when she's getting married to Joe Alwyn.

Rumors of an engagment between Swift and Alwyn have been swirling from practically the moment the news broke that they were dating back in 2016.

The rumors first surfaced in February, but neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed or denied them—though has been wearing jewelry on her left hand Swifties suspect to be an engagement ring.

GirlBossTown thinks we're about to learn a whole lot about Swift and Alwyn's marriage plans in 2023—because she thinks the pair have already gotten married.


She predicts that Swift will pose for another blockbuster "Vogue" pictorial that will include not just detailed photos of that much talked-about ring, but her wedding itself.

"Save the date," as the saying goes.

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Taylor Swift could announce new live performances in 2023—and it's not just The Eras Tour.

Given what a mess it's been so far, you've probably heard all about how Swift is booked through most of 2023 crisscrossing the country for her upcoming tour.

But GirlBossTown thinks there's a lot more to Swift's on-stage plans than just The Eras Tour. She's going to join the roster of icons who've performed at the Super Bowl.


Not in 2023 of course—Rihanna has already been announced as the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

But if GirlBossTown's predictions hold, we'll get an announcement that Swift is planning to break the internet at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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The Eras Tour could spark new songs, a new album, a new documentary and new collaborations.

Speaking of The Eras Tour, GirlBossTown thinks it'll be more than the usual Taylor Swift extravaganza. She thinks it'll be the start of a whole new era itself.

Similar to her Reputation and Fearless tours, GirlBossTown predicts a new behind-the-scenes documentary about the tour—including Taylor's take on the Capital One and Ticketmaster drama.


And the new content doesn't stop there.

She also predicts a new live collaboration between Taylor and the Jonas Brothers for the tour—which just might make up for that lost collaboration with The 1975 on "Midnights."

And she thinks Swift will write whole new album during The Eras Tour inspired by the cities on the lineup and the fans and people she meets along the way.


If GirlBossTown knows what she's talking about, 2023 just might be a Taylor Swift era beyond our "wildest dreams."

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