15 Things You NEED To Know About Taylor Swift’s New Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

taylor swift boyfriend, joe alwyn

They even look alike!

Taylor Swift has got a new man and pretty much all of us are interested in who he is. She’s kind of like America’s sweetheart and the internet wants to keep tabs on her life as much as possible.

With her beauty, talent, and socialite status, it’s no wonder that we are willing to drop everything to learn about her love life. All would not be right in the world if our girl Taylor remained single and loveless for too long.

I mean, we want her to write us adorable, sappy love songs. How can she do that without a worthy beau by her side? So, we were pretty stoked to find out that Taylor has found love again and we (as in everyone) were super-eager to find out everything we could about her new boyfriend.

So, enough with the suspense. Let’s get right on into it. 

Here is everything we know about Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Photo: Vanity Fair

1. He's an actor from England.

Photo: IMDB

He spent time studying theater in London and eventually graduated to score roles in larger movies with big name directors like Ang Lee and famous actors like Emma Stone.

2. They have been dating for several months.

Apparently, they have known each other for more than a year through mutual friends and ended up in the same places. However, they have been working hard to keep it under wraps.

3. He's 26 years old.

His birthday is in February so he has just newly hit the second side of his twenties.

4. He's from Crouch End, London where he still lives with his parents. 

5. He started his acting career in British theater.

He was able to work his way up the ranks before finally breaking out into bigger roles and films. 

6. His acting break came from his role in Billy Lyn’s Long Halftime Walk, which was directed by Ang Lee and came out in 2016.

In this film, he played along actors like Kristen StewartVin DieselChris Tucker, and Steve Martin

Photo: Vice

7. He appeared in the movie The Sense of an Ending, which came out in March.

Actors in this film include Jim Broadbent, Harriet Walter, and Charlotte Rampling.

8. He will appear in the psychological thriller, Keepers, in 2018 with Gerard Butler and Peter Mullan

Photo: Rolling Stone

9. He will also appear in a film called The Favourite with Emma Stone who just so happens to be good friends with Taylor Swift.

10. Apparently, Taylor has been renting a house in North London where Joe visits quite frequently.

Photo: Indiewire

It's not entirely confirmed but there are rumors that she has been renting a place so that she can be closer to him and see him more often. 

11. Taylor has been seen wearing a wig to disguise herself and keep her romance with Joe a secret.

Since she is so high profile, Taylor has been trying to keep her relationship with Joe under wraps. It seems like she has been doing a pretty good job of disguising herself because not too much info about their relationship has been leaked just yet.

12. Joe still lives with his mom and dad, despite his career success.

It's rumored that Joe is very close to his parents and doesn't want to move out on his own, even though he technically could afford it. 

13. He's a graduate of the National Youth Theater and also studied at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

Photo: Heavy

He rose to the top the traditional way by paying his dos before scoring big roles.

14. Joe also does a bit of modeling and did a Vogue photo shoot in 2016 with Gigi Hadid.

This is also a friend of Taylor's and could possibly be how the two of them met, though this is not confirmed.

15. He's apparently moving to the US to be closer to Taylor.

Photo: Getty

Taylor has homes all over the country, so it's hard to say exactly where he would move. And since he is rumored to have a close relationship with his parents, this might make a move to The States less likely.

So, now that you know the scoop, you can rest easy knowing that your girl Taylor has found some real deal love. Stay tuned because this couple is under close watch and I’m sure that there will be more info where this came from.