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Boss Wears Crop Tops & Mini Skirts To Work But Claims Dressing 'Inappropriate' Is OK Because She's In Charge

Photo: TikTok
Boss shows of work outfits

A woman has received mixed reactions after claiming that she dresses "inappropriately" for work because she's the boss.

In a TikTok video, Danielle Ormond shared that she knows the clothes she wears to work are deemed by some people as being ill-suited to wear professionally, but Ormond clapped back saying she doesn't care.

Danielle Ormond revealed that she often wears crop tops and mini skirts while working.

In the short clip, Ormond shared a glimpse of herself as she panned the camera up and down to show what she had on while she sat in a black office chair, finishing up her last hours at work.

In overlay text, Ormond wrote, "working late" and "inappropriately dressed," while showing off her outfit that consisted of a red babydoll crop top, medium-wash denim mini skirt, and strappy sandals.



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The Kelly Clarkson song "Behind These Hazel Eyes" played, with Ormond mouthing along to the lyrics: "here I am, once again."

The six-second video concluded as the words "Happy Friday" flashed across the screen.

In the bio of Ormond's TikTok account, she shared that she works as a company director, and is her own boss, insinuating that she doesn't have to abide by the usual professional attire of blazers, dark trousers, or closed-toe shoes while working.

The video garnered mixed reactions from viewers.

Ormond's video made it seem as if she routinely dresses in crop tops and mini skirts while working, and while it appears her usual laid-back attire doesn't pose a problem to the other people she works with, some viewers found an issue with her choice of attire.

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"[Shaking my head]. Guess the job isn't that important that requires you to dress professionally," one user wrote.

Another user chimed in, bluntly writing, "Looks professional."

However, other users who commented on Ormond's video found nothing wrong with her wearing whatever attire she wanted, considering she didn't have to answer to a higher authority since she was the one in charge.

"You dress wonderfully," a third user wrote, while another added, "Dress how [you] like unless the boss doesn't agree [laughing out loud]."



In a previous video, she addresses the hatred she receives often, claiming that her business was reported on Facebook and can no longer post on the site.

She said she feels "sorry" for whoever did it and defends herself and her employees against the hatred.

"My staff work really hard, they all have children, they all have bills to pay like the rest of us and you don't just affect me, you affect them," she said.

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