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Kardashians Accused Of Using Disability Pass & Shutting Down Disneyland Rides To Bypass Waiting In Line

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The Kardashians are facing criticism after a recent trip to Disneyland during which the famous family appeared to shut down rides while other customers waited.

Fans have criticized the family online and accused them of using disability passes to avoid the long waits at the theme park.

A TikTok video shows the Kardashians shutting down a Disneyland ride.

A patron who was present on the same day that Kim and Khloe Kardashian took their children to the park filmed the reality TV stars taking selfies on a teacup ride while all the other seats remained empty.

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"When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait... typical," the woman wrote in the now-viral video.

Customers are seen snapping photos of the famous family while waiting for them to finish on the ride.

In the comments of the video, many were quick to slam the family for using their “privilege” and criticized Disney for allowing them to do so.

However, some pointed out that they may be paying thousands for this perk as a safety precaution.

“Why is everyone so salty, they are with their children. This is just for their protection,” one user wrote.

Elsewhere, fans accused Khloe Kardashian of using a disability pass to skip lines.

In a Reddit post, a fan shared a screenshot of Khloe’s Instagram story in which a blue tag is seen attached to a stroller that her daughter, True, is sitting in.

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It is unclear exactly what the tag is being used for but, on Reddit, some claimed it is a disability access pass.

Disneyland makes several accommodations for patrons with disabilities, one of which is an access service that doesn’t allow people to skip waiting in line entirely but does allow guests to request a return time so they can go elsewhere and still return to the ride without having to stand in line.

It seems unclear what exactly guests need to provide to “prove” that they have a disability. Some Reddit users claimed medical certificates are required, others said Disneyland doesn’t ask for any proof.

Online, guests are required to prebook access passes but little detail is given about what is needed to do so.

Other fans suggested that the pass is simply a tag used to allow guests to bring their own strollers, something Disneyland typically doesn’t allow.

Many were also quick to defend the famous family, pointing out that we don’t actually know whether or not any of their children have a disability, nor is it any of our business.

“We don’t know what any of the children or adults have going on medically. So, not good to speculate about health conditions,” one user wrote.

Others pointed out that while the family was definitely getting some perks, this is also necessary for the safety of everyone in the park.

“VIP is a privilege but also a security concern,” one user wrote, noting that leaving the family out in the open could cause a stampede.

“With their level of celebrity it’s necessary I think to keep them moving along.”

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