Employee Says Coworker Snitched On Her For Crocheting At Work — 'Nobody Is Carrying My Extra Workload'

She explained that she only crochets during "down time."

Chai on TikTok 0kichai / TikTok

A young woman called out a coworker in a TikTok, explaining how that coworker reported her to a higher-up, all for making use of empty time by keeping herself busy with her sweet hobby.

The employee said her coworker snitched on her for crocheting at work.

The young woman, named Chai, addressed the unnamed, petty coworker directly, in a viral TikTok post.

“This video goes out to my anonymous coworker who snitched on me for crocheting at work when it was never a problem and it sparked joy in everybody,” she said.




“I make hats that look like fruit,” she explained. “I have blueberries, oranges, other variations of blueberries. People love them. Other coworkers love them.”

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She called out her coworker for complaining about her crocheting while at work. 

“If you wanted a hat, you could have just flipping asked,” Chai said, before holding her middle finger up to the camera. She captioned the video, “The haters have sabotaged, but the haters won’t win.”

chai fruit hat crochet tiktokPhoto: 0kichai / TikTok

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Chai posted a follow-up video on TikTok, responding to various comments on her original post. In response to the question of whether or not she sold her knitted fruit hats, she said that she was seeking a place online where she could equitably do so. 



“I got a comment that was like, ‘there’s no free time at work,’” she stated. “I know, I’ve been there. I worked in food for a very long time. I was also a cocktail waitress. Been there, done that. Do you want me to reenact my job for you?”

She put her phone down and mimed pointing out the elevator to an imagined person. 


“There is nobody carrying my extra workload,” she explained. “There’s nothing like that. The most we do is unlock the place and lock it back up. Everything in between there is a void,” Chai ended her post.

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Chai explained the intricacies of the conflict between her and her coworker. 

“A supervisor had to talk to me about crocheting when people were around, and they kind of let me know it was another attendant that complained since they weren’t allowed to draw,” she stated in an article posted on The Daily Dot.

After further discussion with her supervisor, Chai revealed that all's well that ends well — she's able to continue her creative pursuit while at work, and there's no bad blood between her and her coworker.


“I’m still allowed to crochet, and my co-worker is allowed to draw, just only during certain periods of time,” she said. “Me and this coworker are on good terms. It wasn’t a personal attack, I was just more annoyed if anything. Everybody lives happily ever after.”

Chai’s post shows the value in having a creative outlet, even during work hours, and that more often than not, it’s the small joys that hold the most importance.

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