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Fast Food Employee Shares List Of Things Workers 'Secretly Hate' Customers For Doing

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Things customers do that workers secretly hate them for

Andrew, a food service industry worker with 15 years of experience, revealed things you’re probably doing at a fast food place that the workers secretly hate you for.

In a TikTok, he lists everything you should avoid doing in order to stay on the workers’ good side.

First and foremost, everyone hates when customers don't have their payment ready at the drive-thru.

Andrew says you should get your money out after they tell you your total through the speaker where you order.

“For the love of God,” he says, “you have plenty of time from the point you take your order to the point where you go pay for your order for you to grab the money that you need to pay the person.”

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“Nothing infuriates [workers] more than standing at that window waiting for you to go grab your credit card or your bills or whatever it is.”

Andrew claims “the worker has like 1,000,000 things that they need to be doing” like washing dishes and taking other orders, “so please when you get your total, start getting your money as you make the transition to the first window.”

Someone made a good point by commenting, “How the hell are you supposed to grab money out of your purse when you’re driving from point A to point B?”

He explains in a follow-up video that he was only referring to when there are people in line in front of you.

Of course, if there is no one in line in front of you and you have to go straight from the speaker to the window, you are not going to have enough time to grab money.

Driving safely should always be your primary concern.

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Avoid letting your toddlers order what they're going to eat.

The second thing that Andrew claims annoys workers is when customers expect their toddlers to order what they want to eat.

This isn't necessarily because all workers hate children or something, but simply because he believes that they aren't quite yet able to articulate the things they want in their food.

He jokingly says toddlers have the brain capacity of a 'spastic puppy' and asks “Do you really think they can articulate the words to be like I would like a number two please extra onions, no pickles, extra of your secret sauce, and a big large coke to go with that?”

“Answer for them. Just order what they’re gonna eat!”

If you already ate most of your food, don't complain about it afterward.

Another thing that bothers workers is when people complain about their food after they have eaten more than half of it, which Andrew explains in a second video.

He claims that you can tell if there's a problem with your food by looking at it or taking one or two bites tops.



“I promise you on everything that is holy, there is not a single worker ba there who doesn’t immediately start judging you for being the biggest freeloader.” 

He claims that when this happens, workers usually make the food the same way with the tiniest little difference, “just so we can watch your dumba-- be like ‘hmm thank you, this is much better.’”

Although most restaurants follow the mantra of customers always being right, following these etiquette tips can help you to avoid judgment while making the workers’ jobs easier and more effective.

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