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Source Claims Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone Have Broken Up Weeks After Her 25th Birthday

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have recently sparked breakup rumors after celebrity gossip site Deux Moi shared an anonymous tip about the couple's romance fizzling out.

In a screenshot of the Instagram story posted to Reddit, an anonymous user asked Deux Moi, "Did Leo and Camila break up?" to which Deux Moi seemed to confirm the theory, replying, "That's what I heard."

Did Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone break up?

The couple was last seen together in May while strolling on a Malibu beach. Morrone celebrated her 25th birthday the following month and now breakup rumors have started to swirl.

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DiCaprio is notorious for exclusively dating women under the age of 25 so many fans are suspecting Morrone has "aged out" of their relationship.

DeuxMoi alleged that DiCaprio was partying with other women.

In Deux Moi's June 16 podcast episode they expanded on the rumors, explaining that DiCaprio had been staying at Sandra Bullocks' home in New Orleans, where he would reportedly bring girls back to party with him.

"He was just there this past spring, and somebody listened to the podcast last week and they sent in the following DM," Deux Moi said in the podcast, before repeating the message they received.

"I went to college in New Orleans, and Leo's 'guy' would come to the college bar and invite girls back to Sandra Bullock's house."

They continued, saying DiCaprio would "take [the girls'] phones" because they weren't allowed to take photos. 

"We left after a couple of hours because it was awkward and not that fun. Leo ended up hooking up with a girl later on at that house, and we all found out about it."

Deux Moi then revealed that DiCaprio and Morrone have broken up after hearing the news from "a very reliable source." 

Morrone and DiCaprio have been together since she was 19.

Morrone, 25, and DiCaprio, 47, were first spotted together in 2017, but the two had first met when Morrone was around 12 years old because her former stepfather, Al Pacino, who's also best friends with DiCaprio, introduced the two of them.

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Morrone also spoke about the age difference between her and DiCaprio on two separate occasions.

The first time was in July 2019, when she addressed the critics on her Instagram story, saying: "My God, people are so mean and full of anger with people that they know nothing about. I guess I just hope on this Friday that people learn to live with a little less hatred and place their time and interests elsewhere because living without hatred feels pretty good."

She voiced her thoughts again in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in December 2019. 

"There's so many relationships in Hollywood⁠—and in the history of the world⁠—where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date," she said, while acknowledging that people are interested in her relationship. "I probably would be curious about it too."

The last time the couple was spotted out together was back in May 2022 when the two were photographed on a date in Malibu. 

Morrone recently celebrated her 25th birthday on June 16, which fans under the Reddit post pointed out, considering DiCaprio tends to only date women under the age of 25.

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