Brad Pitt Allegedly Dated Two Teenage Girls After Starring Opposite Them In The 90s

One was 15 while he was 24.

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Brad Pitt's previous history of dating teenage girls has recently been brought back to attention as fans question the charismatic actor's true colors.

During the early 90s, Pitt was linked to two underage women, both of whom he'd met while working on the set of two different film productions. 

Brad Pitt dated Juliette Lewis when she was just 17.

Pitt's controversial track record started in 1990 after the actor started dating Juliette Lewis, his costar in the film "Too Young to Die." Lewis and Pitt first met when Lewis was 16 but didn't start dating until she was 17, and Pitt was 27.


Lewis and Pitt dated for three years, and during their relationship, the actress spoke to the Los Angeles Times in 1993 about dating the actor.

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“We met on a movie of the week and started dating when it was over. I already liked him as an actor, plus you gotta respect somebody who’s in the same field as you," Lewis said.


"We’re like at the point in love, where we just like to see each other every single day and we don’t get bored with each other, so it’s really, really nice. Also, we get to be around each other when we’re working and…talk and collaborate."

The couple eventually called it quits shortly after Lewis' LA Times interview, but Pitt went on to speak about the relationship once more in 1995 during an interview with Vanity Fair, via Geo News.

“I still love the woman. There’s some real genius there. I had a great time with her. It was one of the greatest relationships I’ve ever been in. The problem is, we grow up with this vision that love conquers all, and that’s just not so, is it?” he said. 

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At the time, Lewis had been emancipated from her parents and living on her own, a fact that didn't deter fans from wondering why Pitt decided to date someone significantly younger than him.

In 2006, Lewis spoke about her relationship with Pitt once more, revealing that it had been her longest relationship.

“He’s not in my universe at all now. It seems like a high-school relationship because now he’s a very famous person. I look at this person that I shared a bit of history with. I hope he finds happiness because I genuinely loved him. He’s a very stand-up, good guy. … It was my longest relationship and we both lost our anonymity together," Lewis told The Guardian, via Geo News.

Brad Pitt was rumored to have dated Shalane McCall when she was 15.

Pitt was linked his 15-year-old costar, Shalane McCall when he was 24 after the two had met during Pitt's guest appearance on the show "Dallas" in 1998. 


"I met him an hour before shooting," McCall, who had been Pitt's first onscreen kiss, told People, via The Things, in 1988 when asked how she felt about filming romantic scenes with the actor. "But it wasn’t awkward. We were laughing and kidding around."

However, the rumors that Pitt and McCall dated were laid to rest by McCalls' mother, Cherie, who confirmed that they had never dated.


In an interview with People, via The Things, Cherie spoke about her daughter's experience filming scenes with Pitt. "I can tell you there was anxiety on Shalane’s part. It’s not cool at her age to admit how inexperienced you are. She’s only kissed about three boys in her life."

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