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Is Camila Morrone Pregnant With Leonardo DiCaprio's Baby?

Is Camila Morrone Pregnant With Leonardo DiCaprio's Baby?

We've heard a lot of rumors about Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio's relationship over the past year, but this one is definitely a doozy. 

Reportedly, Morrone is pregnant with DiCaprio's baby... but the evidence is limited at best, so it's hard to say what's going on for sure — especially since they tend to be a pretty private couple.

Is Camille Morrone pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio's baby?

Or are these rumors false? Let's investigate, shall we? 

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Pregnancy rumors first started cropping up last year.


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Last summer seems to be when these rumors first started. Back in July 2019, a tabloid reported that Morrone had been seen resting her hand on her belly, with a source claiming that she'd gotten pregnant accidentally.

“She’s not confirming it, but it looks like she’s definitely having a baby," the insider said at the time. "And if she is, it wouldn’t have been planned, if Leo had anything to say about it.”

There have also been rumors that they're secretly married.

In March, an Australian magazine reported that Morrone and DiCaprio had quietly tied the knot, somehow without the rest of us ever finding out — a feat few celebrities are ever able to pull off. However, they've never confirmed that they've gotten married (nor have any bigger outlets reported this news).

"Leo and Camila secretly got married shortly before the Oscars. They’ve been trying to keep the news quiet but decided it was time to finally let some of Leo’s showbiz pals and his Once Upon a Time in Hollywood costars in on the secret," a source said, according to U.S. outlets that shared the original report. "They told everyone at one of the after-parties — and of course, there were lots of hugs, cheers, and tears of joy." 

Reportedly, they are very serious about each other.

Other sources close to the couple said last summer that Morrone and DiCaprio's relationship was on track to becoming serious, at which point they'd already met each other's families.

"They seem pretty serious. It’s definitely not a casual relationship. Camila spends a lot of time at his house," the source said, adding, "Camila is long known as Leo’s girlfriend. And Leo introduced her to both of his parents long ago." 

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DiCaprio and Morrone recently adopted a puppy. 


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Even If they're not having a baby, they've recently expanded their family while quarantining together. They've adopted a husky named Jack while fostering his sister, Jill, and the couple has been seen out and about walking the dogs together.

"This quarantine has taught me many things in a short time. I had forgotten the joy and love an animal can bring into your life. Rescuing (and adopting) this pup has filled my heart endlessly," she wrote when sharing this photo with her Instagram followers. "If you have the time, finances, and capability of saving, or even temporarily housing an animal during this crazy time, I really recommend it." 

They haven't shared any new updates publicly about their relationship. 

DiCaprio has always been super-private about his personal life, and Morrone isn't talking, either — not even to confirm or deny any pregnancy rumors. She definitely doesn't appear to be pregnant in any of her Instagram photos since the rumors began, and the state of her uterus (and her relationship status) seem to be off the table when she does speak publicly about the things that matter to her.

Is Morrone pregnant? At this point, It's definitely not looking like it. 

After all, if those rumors from back in July were true, DiCaprio and Morrone would have a baby by now, so the secret would likely be out. That's not to say they won't stay together in the future. Who knows? Maybe they will have a baby someday, but for now, it seems like these two are still just enjoying their relationship, just the two of them. 

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