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Mom Finds Stray Dog & Her Daughter Falls In Love With It — Now She Hopes 'No One Comes Looking For It'

Photo: TikTok
Screenshots from TikToks of little girl and her stray dog

Most of us as kids dreamed of the day when a dog or cat would follow us home and we'd get to keep it. For one family on TikTok, that actually happened when they found a stray dog wandering the neighborhood. And now, things have gotten ever so slightly complicated with the furry friend.

A mom's daughter and a stray dog instantly fell in love with each other. 

TikToker @bekahcowley and her family found the dog at her grandparent's house during a visit, but it was too afraid of them to let them help it. But when Bekah and her family returned for an Easter visit, the dog ran right up to her little girl Luna and began playing with her like they'd been together all their lives. It started to seem like a sign that the two were meant for each other!

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The stray dog had no collar, chip, or any identifying information, so the family was hoping they could keep it.

Bekah's grandparents started by calling animal control, then she and her family searched the neighborhood and online to see if anyone might be looking for the dog. They came up empty-handed. Several others on TikTok suggested they take the dog to a vet to get it checked out for a chip.

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The longer the process ran on, the more Bekah and her family started to really hope the dog was well and truly lost so they could keep it—especially since Luna and the dog has already created a bond for the ages. 

Bekah took the dog to Petco and had it scanned for a chip, and sure enough, nothing. They also found out that the dog was a girl, who Luna named Magic. "The lady said she doesn't have a chip," Bekah said, "so we're really hoping that means we get to claim her."

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So far, no one has claimed the stray dog, and she has settled right in with the TikToker's family.

A veterinarian verified that the dog was chip-free, and still a puppy of about six years old.

"The vet double-checked for us," Bekah wrote in onscreen text, "and she is definitely not chipped," bringing her and her family one step closer to making magic their own. In the meantime, Magic started making herself right at home, running around and playing with Luna and even sleeping in her bed after she goes off to school.



Though their new family member hasn't been without her challenges. Bekah has posted a few glimpses into the life of training a new puppy, like the day Magic chewed apart one of her bras, or when her husband had to power wash one of their rugs because young Magic had a bit of an accident. 



But overall, Bekah's family and Magic have had a mostly seamless transition into living together, and people on TikTok are absolutely loving it.

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People on TikTok were moved by the dog's instant connection with the TikToker's family and are hoping they get to keep the stray dog.

TikTokers were definitely pulling for Magic and Luna to be able to stay together. ""Omg," one woman wrote, "I’m crying this is so sweet." Others noticed that Magic seemed just as in love with Luna as Luna was with her new pup. "I swear Magic is smiling as much as the beautiful little girl," one user wrote.

One TikToker was so invested she issued a joking threat. "Me at the window at the vets office with a sign that says 'say there’s no chip or else.'" Another whole-heartedly agreed, writing, "I’m sorry but that’s her dog."

But more than anything, people seemed to feel that there really was a certain serendipitous "meant to be" quality to Magic and Luna's story. "The universe knew to bring them together," wrote one user, while another felt like there has to be something cosmic going on.

After Bekah revealed that the vet told her they thought Magic was a border collie—the same breed of dog she grew up with when she was a kid—one woman wondered if Magic might the reincarnation of Bekah's childhood dog, and connected with Luna because she's a similar age.



That might be a bit far-fetched (sorry). But on the other hand, who knows? Who are we to say what goes on in the canine afterlife? Regardless, one thing is for sure—this stray dog and little girl will never forget each other.

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