12 Reasons Guys Who Love Cats Are The Hottest

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12 Reasons Cat Guys Make The BEST Husbands

Yes, dogs may be man's best friend, but anyone can love a dog.

But if you're looking for an amazing husband, you definitely don't want just anyone. Don't believe us? Here are 12 reasons why a cat guy would make the best partners ever ... and are totally the hottest. 

They have a sense of humor.

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cat playing on phone

Cats tend to do the cutest and funniest things, so nothing is strange to these men - and you can be sure they will spread the good cheer when they are with you.

They are thoughtful.

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cat playing with BB-8

These men have learned both to think about others and to love them even above themselves. When they see something their cat will like, they cannot help but buy it for them (because that's definitely why they bought the BB-8...for their cat, of course).

They appreciate the small stuff.

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cat high five

Cats are very independent animals so when they decide to purr with you, snuggle on you or just give you a high-five, it is a big deal. So they understand and can appreciate how important the little things are: like buying you the occasional flower or chocolate ... or just saying "I love you".

They are great at sharing.

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salem eating pancakes

Their food, their bed ... Cat men are used to having to share their things with someone else, so when you come along, they won't mind sharing with you.

They are no stranger to mood swings.

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cat attack man

Cats are ... let's call it "moody". Sometimes your cat wants to love you and purr with you, and the next moment they might try to attack your face. So when those monthly mood-swings hit, they will understand completely.

They have been trained to cater to your every need.

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man massages cat

Having a pet cat means you do things on their schedule and will purr (or massaging them as the case may be) whenever they say it is time. Don't worry about your odd cravings or needs if you're with a cat guy because they've been well trained by their loving pets.

They won't run away if things get difficult.

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Castle men with cats

When things get hard, these guys don't just stop loving someone and run away. They still love their cats despite the millions of times their cat has challenged them. 

They're responsible.

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brushing pet cat

After all, cats require their nails to be cut, their fur to be brushed, their litter boxes to be changed and have to be taken to the vet for their shots and treatments. You know you can rely on them without fail.

They are happier people.

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snuggling with cat

You don't have to take our word for it: science has proven that having pets can actually help battle depression and help with stress as well as provide emotional and social support. So really ... why would you not want to be with a happier man?

They are great at communicating.

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cat meow

It is universally agreed that communication is a foundation to a good relationship so having a man who knows how to communicate is very important. Well cat guys are no strangers to talking and listening and understanding another person. After all, they understand when their cat meows and often, although they might not admit it, they meow right back.

They are not afraid of commitment.

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cat man yoga

We all know that sometimes men run the moment you want to bring up commitment or the future. But if you're with a cat guy, you won't have to worry about that. These men have already committed to having a cat and once they commit, they know it's for life. Committing to you (or even just talking about it) won't freak them out at all.

They've had great practice at being dads.

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man and cat snuggling

We know that children are not for everybody but it's still nice to know that your man would be really good at being a dad should you both decide to have a family. After all, they are accustomed to the 2 a.m. wake-ups for feedings, the 4 a.m. paw to the face for attention and having to change their furry friend's litter box so they're already know what it's like to take care of a baby. And you know that as much of they love their cat, they will love your child even more