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Cynthia Parker Addresses Alleged Leaked DMs Amid Drama With Nessa Barrett & Sab Quesada

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Cynthia Parker, Sab Quesada, Nessa Barrett

TikTok is attempting to figure out what drama has arisen between Cynthia Parker, Nessa Barrett and Sabrina Quesada after Parker was unfollowed by her former friends and several other creators.

The 18-year-old social media star has now been forced to address multiple allegations as fans dissect what went down between her and her close friends.

Cynthia Parker drama explained:

Fans first noticed that Parker was unfollowed by the sister and parents of Cooper Noriega, a fellow TikTok star and close friend of hers who passed away in June 2022 from a drug overdose at the age of 19.

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Nessa Barrett and Sab Quesada were next to unfollow Cynthia Parker.

Despite the trio seeming inseparable after Noriega's death, his best friend and ex-girlfriend were next to hit the unfollow button followed by multiple other influencers.

The three had been spotted hanging out together in LA just days earlier, leaving fans confused about the sudden rift.

When no one offered an explanation for what happened, fans were left to form their own assumptions.

Cynthia Parker was accused of mocking Cooper Noriega's death in DMs.

Recently, leaked Twitter DMs showed an account, alleged to be Parker's, speaking ill of Noriega along with his best friend and musician, Jaden Hossler, 21. 



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In the messages, Parker allegedly wrote that she wanted Hossler to "die" from an "overdose" in the same way that Noriega had.

After the photos of the Twitter DMs started making their rounds on social media, Parker took to her Instagram to clarify the backlash.

"I've gotta address, I'm not sure who is creating fake messages that are just so cruel??" Parker wrote via her Instagram story. "It is absolutely sick and disturbing."



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Parker pointed out that she "hasn't owned a Twitter" account in "over [two] years." 

"Such a horrendous thing to do. Please stop. I'm done with drama," Parker concluded.

Rumors also circulated about Cynthia Parker pursuing Jaden Hossler.

Parker's declaration that she's over internet "drama" comes after she was unfollowed by Noreiga's parents and his older sister.

Fellow influencers Sabrina Quesada, 20, and Nessa Barrett, 20, also hit the unfollow button on Parker, despite how close the trio was following Noriega's death.

Rumors eventually started circulating that Parker allegedly tried to "get with" Barrett's ex-boyfriend, Hossler, after TikToker Nicolas Sturniolo liked a comment insinuating it.

Sturniolo, who was friends with Parker before also unfollowing her, liked a comment that Quesada and Barrett stopped being friends with Parker "because [Parker] tried to get with Jaden, and Jaden told them."

However, Sturniolo later denied that was the reason, and said he'd "liked that comment by accident."

Cynthia Parker later addressed all of the drama.

In an Instagram live, Parker, joined by her friend Morgan Cohen, spoke about the speculation surrounding the end of her friendship with Quesada and Barrett.



"Honestly, I will say one thing," Cohen said in the video. "The fact that everybody gets so invested in other people's lives that they don't know is actually crazy to me."

Parker then agreed with that statement, saying, "My life is not your entertainment."

Cohen then seemed to hint at the reason why Parker was no longer speaking with Quesada and Barrett.

"Girls in general, we all, like . . . girls are catty." 

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