People With Higher Than Average IQs Can See The Hidden Image In These Zig-Zag Lines

Do you see it?

zig zag lines IQ test

It's easy for us to take our sense of sight for granted.

We take what we see as concrete fact, never remembering fully that what we see could be an illusion. As we go through life, we have a tendency to only see what we want to see, using a filter of sorts.

To take this simple IQ test, simply look at the image below.

Do you see anything besides zig zagging lines in the optical illusion below?

Can you see what's hiding here?


Can you see the hidden image at all?

Some people may see it immediately, while others have to slightly cross their eyes.

If you can see the image in between the zig-zagged lines, it means you have an above average IQ.

"According to research published in Current Biology," notes the news staff at Advocate Aurora Health, "people with a higher IQ are able to focus on the details and disregard less relevant information with greater ease than their less intelligent counterparts."


Try doing so again if you haven't seen it yet. This time we'll give you a clue: it's an animal.

Here, we'll zoom even out of the image and show you the fuzzy guy from farther away.


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Crazy, right?

This is one of many optical illusions our eyes and brain play on us.

Here's that tricky hidden Panda outlined in red for the non-believers among you:

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Not only is this a fun quiz you can now share with you friends to see how they do, but there's even a good cause behind this image's creation.

As the Daily Mail reports, "Russian artist Ilja Klemencov has hidden a giant panda amongst black and white zig-zag lines in what appears to be the latest mind-altering puzzle featuring the fluffy bear. The clever trick-of-the-eye, titled 'They can disappear', appears to support charity conservation efforts by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)."

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