Worker Claims Customer Lies About His Wife's Passing So He Can Get Free Food — 'He's Not Allowed To Come In Anymore'

She voiced her horror at finding out a customer who frequented the bar she works at was scamming people for free food.

kristina withers tiktok @krisswith / TikTok

A server recounted the bizarre way that she and her other colleagues figured out that one of their returning customers was scamming them and the other patrons for free food.

In a TikTok video, Kristina Withers shared the story, proving that working in the food service industry comes with dealing with a few peculiar individuals.

She claimed a customer was exposed for lying about his wife's passing to get free food.

"I am so anxious to hear y'all's thoughts about this situation. Buckle up," Withers comically informed viewers before delving into her story. She explained that there had been an elderly man who would often come into the bar she worked at and sit at the bar top.


Usually, the older man would order water or coffee, and just try and make conversation with the other patrons sitting around him and the bartenders behind the counter.



During these conversations, the man would drop the bomb that his wife had just passed away from cancer and he didn't have enough money to eat because of all the funeral costs, medical bills, and all of the other financial burdens from taking care of his sick wife.


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Withers said the other customers and bartenders were so taken aback by his tragic story that they started offering to cover any food he would order. "It was a frequent thing that he would come in and do this. Everyone thought it was legit like he would cry when he was telling this story."

“Another red flag is that he would sit all day in the bar… He would go back and forth to the 7-Eleven across the street and go buy scratch tickets,” Withers pointed out, remembering that she found it odd that he had money to buy scratch-offs but didn't have enough money for food.

His red flags turned out to be grounds for actual concern, and things quickly took a turn after another regular customer who frequents Withers' bar and other bars in the area came in and told one of the bartenders that the elderly man was playing them for a fool, that he's actually 86 years old, and his wife died 10 years ago and not recently like he had said.


"[He's] banned from every bar in the area because he goes in and panhandles to get free food," Withers said. "His wife did pass away, not from cancer, but from old age. But saying it like it happened yesterday to get free food is [messed] up. How are you gonna use someone's death like that?"

The elderly man ended up getting confronted about his lies but didn't try to defend himself. Instead, he "froze up" and just got up and left the bar. When he attempted to come back another day, he was stopped at the door and refused entry.

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People agreed with Withers' disgusted reaction to the customer's lie.

"There's definitely better ways for seniors to socialize without scamming people," one TikTok user wrote.


Another user added, "That's so messed up [because] I would've been one to help him out."

"He took advantage of the bars and [people] who may have their own issues with paying too," a third user pointed out.

It's understandable why Withers would feel anger about being duped by someone whom she genuinely was interested in helping and felt sorry for. What the elderly customer did definitely goes beyond just getting a free meal.

It's about honesty and treating people right. When someone lies about something as serious as a loved one passing away, it messes with the trust that people can have in each other. 


While the actions of this elderly man might have left some people feeling frustrated and disheartened, it's important to remember that his deceit shouldn't overshadow the genuine goodness that exists in the world and that there are people out there who do need help sometimes.

We all have the power to make a positive impact on someone's day, whether through a simple act of kindness or a supportive gesture. It's instances like these that teach us to be more discerning, to listen carefully, and to respond with empathy to those who are truly in need.

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