Waiter Came Under Fire For What He Brought To A Table After A Pregnant Woman Asked Him For 'Garlic-Free Garlic Bread'

If someone asked you for 'garlic-free garlic bread,' what would you bring them?

Jonathan Moss talking about garlic-free garlic bread on TikTok @thejonathanmoss / TikTok

Comedian, musician, and waiter Jonathan Moss recently went on TikTok to share the story of a situation that happened to him while he was working as a server at a restaurant. Moss claims that when a pregnant woman came into his job, she made a particularly strange request — one that he struggled to figure out how to complete. Once he figured it out and served the family’s meals, however, the pregnant woman and her husband lost it — but he doesn’t understand why.


The pregnant woman ordered ‘garlic-free garlic bread’ and that’s what he brought her.

“She was sitting there with her husband when I walked up to the table, and when I got there, the woman had asked for garlic-free garlic bread,” he explained in his video. Confused by the request, he decided to try and tell her how they prepared their garlic bread.

“I had advised her that our garlic bread was just regular bread with garlic on it, and then I had asked her to clarify for me,” he continues. “I said ‘Ma’am, do you just want regular bread?’ and she said, ‘No.’” He claims that she said she wanted garlic bread…just…without the garlic on it.




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Trying to be a kind server, he informed her that ordering regular bread would be an entire dollar cheaper (and probably the same thing that he was about to give her) but she continued to refuse his attempts at helping. She had an intense craving for garlic bread, just without garlic.

“I was taken aback and also was not sure what to do, so I went into the back and asked my manager,” he says. “While I was talking to him, my manager started to talk to me like I was stupid.”


Unsurprisingly, his manager said the same exact thing he said: he could just give the pregnant woman regular bread for cheaper, and he was equally as confused as him by what she meant by garlic bread without the garlic.

Upon returning to the table, nothing was solved, but they moved forward with the order.

With his manager in tow, Moss triple-checked with his table that they really wanted to order garlic bread with no garlic, and the woman’s husband stepped in to speak his mind. “Can’t you see that my wife is pregnant? If she wants garlic bread, get her garlic bread. Just don’t bring no garlic on it.”

According to Hawaii Pacific Health, it’s common for pregnant women to have cravings. “Cravings mostly have to do with the hormones of pregnancy,” they claim. “These hormones can lead to changes on the receptors of the tongue, causing you to want to eat certain foods more than others. This also can cause some aversions to foods you normally love to eat.”

When Moss looked back at his manager, his manager hit him with a shrug, and after Moss was done taking their orders, they both retreated to the kitchen to tell them a table was asking for garlic bread with no garlic. Once again, confusion on all sides, so after some back and forth they placed regular bread on a plate.


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When he brought the pregnant woman the regular bread, she started crying.

“She started crying!” he said. “She started asking if I was treating her like an idiot. She was looking, like, with straight tears going down her face, [asking] how could I treat a pregnant woman so badly.”

Moss was still confused because he had done exactly what she wanted — garlic bread without garlic is just bread. Maybe there’s some butter and a little bit of seasoning that isn’t garlic but that’s still hardly any different, and that’s not something they can even provide.

“She had grabbed onto my apron and said ‘Is it that hard to make garlic bread without garlic?’ with like, the most saddest look on her face,” he explained. He explained that they use garlic butter instead of regular butter, so even if he wanted the kitchen to butter some bread and just leave out the garlic, they couldn’t.




His manager decided to take the bread back and told Moss to just bring them a new loaf of bread with a side of garlic butter, which only enraged the husband. “The husband got stupid mad. This man grabs a piece of the bread, and he slams it down on the table, it bounced up and hit me in the face,” Jonathan claimed.

As they were leaving the restaurant, clearly unsatisfied with the service, the wife grabbed a piece of the bread and dipped it in the garlic butter, and took a bite out of it. “I just couldn't believe what I was looking at.”


Sometimes, the customer isn't always right, and Moss experienced that first-hand by being asked to bring a patron some garlic-free garlic bread.

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