Kind Strangers Find Woman's Lost Ring With Father's Ashes In It After Digging Through Garbage For 4 Hours

Such a heart-warming moment.

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One of the most heart-breaking things for some people is losing an item that holds a highly sentimental value such as a necklace or a charm. For this young woman, she lost a ring that she had carried with her every day, but a miracle came true and brought this woman to tears.

Kind workers in Corpus Christi, Texas found a young woman’s ring that held her father’s ashes.

The Corpus Christi local news source Kris 6 News shared a heartwarming story about strangers going out of their way to help a woman find her ring. According to Kris 6 News, the woman was visiting the city when she “lost something that seemed impossible to find.”


The article explained that Dickerson, a young woman from Iowa, was on a class trip and was visiting McGee Beach when she realized that her beloved ring was no longer on her finger and was nowhere to be seen — the ring that housed her father's ashes.

missing rings with ashesPhoto: Kris 6 News


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Dickerson had lost her father when she was young, and the only memory that she had of her father was a ring that had his ashes inside. Ever since she has kept the ring with her.

When Dickerson realized she had misplaced the ring, she described feeling "a complete utter of panic.”

Dickerson explained that she had run to the bathroom and had called her mom, crying and in a total state of shock. Her mother, Tina Koch had immediately called the Parks and Recreations department of the city and hoped they could find the lost ring. However, the city said that it would be nearly impossible.


Dickerson had lost four rings, including the ring of sentimental value in a lunchbox that they had left on the beach. 

Three days later, a miracle happened. 

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After Corpus Christi workers dug through their city's trash, they found Dickerson’s rings.

Koch said she had received a call from the city and they asked her for a description of the ring. When Koch gave the description, they said they had the ring in their possession.

Koch stated that upon discovering the blessing, “I had no words. I instantly started crying.”

Dickerson told Kris 6 News that despite not knowing the immense amount of sentiment behind the ring, they still had gone “above and beyond” to find it.


This beautiful story shows how important it is to remain hopeful in every situation, despite uncertainty.

Koch and Dickerson had never lost hope, and within a week, their hope paid off and Dickerson was reunited with her ring.

According to Kris 6 News, Koch believed that Dickerson had a guardian angel with her that day. “Koch said she believes the ring was meant to find its way back to her.” 

This story of hope and kindness shows the importance of maintaining faith in situations where faith seems impossible to keep. The kindness of those workers made Dickerson’s whole year, as now she will continue to have her father with her everywhere she goes.


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