Customer Baffled After They Were Charged An Extra $15 For Having A Bad Attitude

The man eventually remembered what the charge actually meant.

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Rude customers are common, but rarely are they charged for their behavior. In an unexpected turn of events, one customer was left utterly surprised when he found an extra $15 charged to his restaurant bill under the tag "You're an A-----e."

The incident, which took place at a bar and restaurant in Oregon, quickly went viral after the man shared a snapshot of his receipt on Reddit's "r/pics," which is described as "a place for photographs, pictures, and other images."


The customer was baffled after the restaurant charged an extra $15 for having a bad attitude.

The receipt displayed standard charges for food and drinks, including $18 for a fried chicken sandwich, $26 for Carbonara pasta, $13 for brown butter cake with a side of ice cream, and $13 for a cocktail. However, there was an additional charge of $15, tagged simply as "You're an A-----e." (At least there was also a birthday discount of $10 given to his wife.)

Their bill's total was $75.

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Naturally curious about this unusual line item on the receipt, fellow Redditors began questioning if this fee was related to the customer's behavior during their visit. One person asked if he really was acting like an "a-----e." "Were you? If not, why do you think she included this comment and the fee?" they wrote.

Another person couldn't help but express amusement at the situation, detailing their own experience of secretly writing roasts about customers. "Well were you an a-----e? We write notes like this in our system but luckily it doesn't show up on the ticket lmao," they said.

So, what was the reason for this? Was the customer acting so rudely that it warranted an additional charge? 

The answer turned out more humorous than offensive. It was simply just another one of the restaurant's creatively named cocktails! He had completely forgotten about the name by the time he got the check and was taken aback at first.


"Context: my wife and I went to a restaurant for her birthday and we both had cocktails. I completely forgot the name of the cocktail by the time the receipt came but its name was 'You're an A-----e, Mr. Burton' lmao it definitely caught me by surprise," he wrote.

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This clever naming scheme fits seamlessly with other funny names seen throughout their menu. For example, the fried chicken sandwich was labeled "fried chicken t--" on the receipt.

Even though everything turned out fine in retrospect, with no rudeness involved, some people agreed this would be a great way for servers to handle difficult customers. "I genuinely wish wait staff could just tack on service charges like this," one person wrote. 


Surprisingly, the customer responded by agreeing with their opinion. "I used to be a waiter and there were times I seriously wanted to tack on a 'F--- you' charge," they wrote.

On top of this funny situation, the OP didn't shy away from complimenting the food. He asserted that the humorously named "fried chicken t--" was a "great sandwich." 

So, if you ever want to be called a rude name on your receipt or just want a good chicken sandwich, the Westgate Bourbon Bar and Tap House in Beaverton, Oregon is probably a good choice.


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