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Customer Says Server Billed Him $12 For Eating A 'Stolen Orange' He Grabbed From Off The Counter

Photo: TikTok
Franky Bernstein, $12 charge on bill for orange

A man didn't think twice about picking up an orange from the bar counter he'd been sitting at to eat but was in for a surprise after he received his bill and saw how much he'd been charged for it.

In a TikTok video, Franky Bernstein was sitting in a restaurant, eating an orange, when he was suddenly approached by the server, who immediately took issue with him eating the fruit and ended up charging him quite a bit.

Bernstein says a server charged him $12 for eating a 'stolen orange' he grabbed from off the counter.

In Bernstein's video, which has gained over 2.5 million views, he is being filmed sitting at a bar counter while beginning to peel an orange, when a server stops to speak to him.

"Excuse me," she can be heard saying, a large emoji obstructing her face to respect her privacy. "Those are oranges we use to make drinks with."

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She pointed to a large bowl of oranges that were near Bernstein, immediately taking them up to move them out of the way.

"We're in a citrus shortage," she told him as she walked away. However, she ended up coming back, telling Bernstein that she would be putting the orange "on your bill."

While the production of citrus fruits was previously disrupted due to storms and plant disease in Florida, it is not anything severe and hasn't affected sales or caused people to be unable to purchase citrus fruits.

Bernstein doesn't argue with the server and continued to eat the orange, even ordering more drinks and food while dining at the restaurant.

However, upon receiving his bill, Bernstein was shocked to see that the server hadn't been lying about charging him for the orange, and was shocked to see the amount.

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"Stolen orange ... $12, you were serious?" Bernstein asked the server as he looked over his bill. The server had even written "stolen orange" on the receipt.

"Yeah, I was serious," she replied. "Maybe you will learn your lesson."

Bernstein, who is still looking at his bill, seemed to take the $12 charge in stride, jokingly telling the server, "I learned my lesson, but, orange you glad I didn't take a banana."

TikTok users were equally shocked at the price of the 'stolen oranges.'

"Food sitting out on the bar is free to take. It’s an old concept but that’s where bar nuts come from," one user wrote.

Another user added, "It’s on the counter where they can get it. Have it on the back so people don’t. Can’t really blame him."

"Not only would I not tip, but somebody that is serving me and being paid to do so it’s not going to talk to me like that," a third user chimed in.

A fourth user wrote, "As a bartender, I keep my fruit bowl in the same spot and I would never charge someone for an orange. I’d laugh if anything."

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