Wedding Expert Reveals 6 Things She Would Never Do On Her Big Day

The wedding do's and don't's.

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A woman who has dedicated her social media presense to wedding planning, opinions and advice has revealed some of her controversial opinions as she details the things she would never do on her big day.

In videos posted to her TikTok account, Monica voiced her opinions on some things to avoid on your wedding day.

While Monica did clarify that everyone is free to make their own decisions when it comes to wedding planning, some of her points are very well made. 


Here are 6 things to avoid doing on your wedding day, according to the expert.



1. “Having a second guest list for the after-party is rude.”

Monica mentioned that she thinks it’s rude to have a separate guest list for the wedding and the reception. 


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“What it’s kind of saying is ‘we like you but we don’t like you enough to invite you to the main part of the wedding.’” she said.

She further states that she understands some people choose to have separate guest lists because of budget issues but she would prefer to not be invited at all if she was just invited to the reception.

2. “I don’t like ‘first looks’ — save it for the aisle.”

She mentioned that she doesn’t like the idea of the bride and groom doing a "first look" on the wedding day.

A "first look" is when the bride and groom see each other for a brief moment before the wedding ceremony — she feels that they should save it for when the bride walks down the aisle. 


She said, “After putting together this amazing aisle with music and the amazing space. I just feel like the ‘first look’ kind of ruins that initial, really amazing moment with all of your friends and family there.”

3. “Guests should be offered a plus one (if it’s their romantic partner)"

The wedding expert mentioned that if a guest is invited to the wedding, they should be allowed to bring another guest with them, especially if it’s a romantic partner. 

She feels that it would be nice for them if they could bring along their partners as it would help them become more comfortable at the event.

4. “Taking the husband’s last name is outdated.”

This topic has been a debate for a long time and it has become more common now for a bride to not take the groom’s last name. 


Monica mentioned that she has similar thoughts and won’t be taking her husband’s last name when she gets married.

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However, she realizes that many women do take their husbands’ last names even today.

She also mentioned that if it’s something the brides want to do, they should do it.

5. “Having an overly large wedding cake is wasteful if it won’t get eaten.”

Monica feels that having huge wedding cakes is immensely wasteful especially if they aren’t going to be eaten.

She stated that it would be better if the couple have a smaller cake at the wedding if the chances of it being eaten are higher. 


However, she understands that many brides want to have a feeling of extravagance for their big day, so the wedding expert has given an alternative for that.

She mentioned that brides could have a fake tier built into the actual cake so it looks extravagant.

6. “The garter toss is tacky.”

The TikToker added this last point as a bonus where she claimed that she thinks the garter toss is quite lame.


A garter toss is the male version of the bride throwing her bouquet to a group of bachelorettes. 

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