Bride's Wedding 'Ruined' By Woman Who Said She's 'Surprised He Married Someone Like You' — & Then Smashed Her Cake

Every wedding has its mishaps, but her big day turned into the kind of debacle you never forget — or forgive.

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Every wedding has a mishap or two, but for one bride on Reddit, things took a hard left when a guest of her new husband's got way out of hand. When all was said and done, her wedding was ruined — and somehow, her new husband pinned the blame on her.

The bride's wedding was ruined by a guest who got so belligerently jealous of the bride that she smashed her wedding cake.

The internet is littered with juicy stories of ruined weddings, from cheating grooms to meddling mothers-in-law, and even unavoidable disasters like catastrophically bad weather. Wrecked weddings are practically as old a tradition as the wedding itself!


But more than anything, the common theme among ruined weddings seems to be guests who are jealous of the bride, and this Redditor's upturned nuptials is no exception.

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The bride wrote that "at first everything was beautiful" at her recent wedding to her "high school sweetheart." That all changed when she spotted Sarah, a friend and guest of the groom's cousin, Nicole.


The bride said that Sarah was "friendly to me at first." But once the vows were exchanged, the photos were taken, and the booze started pouring? Well, suffice it to say, Sarah turned on a dime.

The guest insulted the bride, telling her she was surprised her groom married 'someone like her' because he could do better.

Later on during the reception, the bride bumped into Sarah at the buffet. "She’s clearly intoxicated, but through her slurred speaking I could hear her ranting about how crowded the venue was," the bride revealed.

Strike one — that's just downright rude. "But then it escalates," the bride went on to say.

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As she was getting some food for her mom, Sarah "said to me that she’s surprised Josh married 'someone like me' because Josh could do better than me." 

"I tried to laugh it off and I told her I was very lucky to have him," the bride wrote. But understandably, "the interaction left me feeling upset." Still, she was determined not to let it ruin her big day. "I brushed it off as her just being drunk and I started drinking too and soon forgot about it."

Sadly, her approach did not even remotely pay off.

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The bride then heard an enormous crash from across the venue — the sound of Sarah smashing the wedding cake while screaming and swearing. 

Despite Sarah's rudeness, the bride had gotten back into the groove of the party. "Time goes past and I’m feeling good, me and my husband along with all the guests were dancing," she wrote.


That is, until "I hear a crashing sound near the food table and all of us rush over to see what was happening." When they arrived, there was Sarah, "on the ground sobbing hysterically... She had completely smashed my wedding cake, and ripped the decorations."

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Despite the fact that "my heart was broken to see my wedding cake completely destroyed," the bride still tried to find out what was wrong, but in return, "Sarah started screaming and cursing me." For the bride, that was the last straw. "I started shouting back and ordered my husband to kick her out," she said. 


Shockingly, her husband took Sarah's side, refusing to kick her out and telling his new wife she should be allowed to stay because she was a close friend. The bride countered with the inescapable fact that, friend or not, her wedding was ruined because of this person.

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Nicole and her husband finally got Sarah to go home, but of course the damage was done. And her husband still blamed the bride for the mess.

The groom told the bride she owed Sarah an apology, and it made people on Reddit suspect he is cheating on her with Sarah.

The bride added that her husband avoided her for the rest of the night, then fought about it when they got home. He contended that she made a scene, owed Sarah an apology for hurting her feelings, and was "being overly dramatic about the situation."


On Reddit, people were vehemently on the bride's side — and a lot of them saw major red flags. The bride revealed in her post that her wedding was the first time she'd even met this "friend" of her new husband's and a lot of Redditors thought that was awfully fishy.

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comments from Reddit story about bride whose wedding was ruinedPhoto: Reddit


Given how invested this relative stranger seemed to be in their marriage, many felt there was only one possible explanation: that the groom is actually having an affair with Sarah. And it had many people making a one-word recommendation: annulment.

Quite an ending to what is supposed to be the best day of your life. Here's hoping things turn around for the bride, because nobody deserves this.

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