Tommy Lee's Wife Allegedly Leaked Texts Pamela Anderson Sent Him Calling Him Her 'One True Love'

How awkward for Tommy's current wife...

Brittany Furlan, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson Instagram / Tinseltown / Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock / TikTok

Fans are convinced that Brittany Furlan may have leaked some damning text messages sent by Pamela Anderson to her ex-husband, Tommy Lee.

Anderson, who was married to Lee for three years, recently released her Netflix documentary, "Pamela, a Love Story," and her memoir, "Love, Pamela," where she candidly spoke about her past relationship with the Mötley Crüe drummer.

In both the documentary and memoir, Anderson admitted that her marriage to Lee had been the "only" time she was ever truly in love, which reportedly hasn't sat well with Lee's current wife, social media star Brittany Furlan.


Brittany Furlan is believed to have leaked texts Pamela allegedly sent Tommy calling him her 'one true love.'

The alleged text exchanges were posted as a blind item by TikTok user Kyle Marisa Roth.

Fans suspect, based on the nails in the photo of the texts, that Furlan is behind the leaked photo.

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"Here's Pam texting Tommy just saying, 'it's really the paparazzi that tore us away,'" Roth said, reading from the screenshots of Anderson and Lee's text messages.


"Pam texting this to Tommy while [he] is married and next to his wife, saying, 'in hindsight I only had one true love.'"

Anderson continued, allegedly telling Lee that she "regret[s] any pain" she might've caused Lee, and admitting that "nothing compares" to the romance the two of them shared.

While Roth claimed that the text exchanges are from a "source," others believe that Furlan may have taken a photo of them from Lee's phone, comparing the acrylic nails in the corner of the screenshots to the same style of nails that Furlan adorns on her Instagram.

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It wouldn't be the first time Anderson referred to Lee as her 'one true love.'

According to NME, while Anderson spoke to her and Lee's eldest son, Brandon, in "Pamela, a Love Story," she revealed that none of her other marriages were full of the same love she felt while with Lee.

"I think I’d rather be alone than not be with the father of my kids. I think it’s impossible to be with anybody else, but I don’t think I could be with Tommy either. It’s almost like a punishment."

Furlan previously joked that Anderson wouldn't be fazed if she wasn't around anymore.

In a since-deleted TikTok posted by Furlan, the social media star joked that Anderson wouldn't care if she died.


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In the video, Furlan used a filter titled "90s Pam Makeup," alongside text that read, "Pam if I died," lip-syncing along to the audio, "She passed away? Oh, oh. Alright."


At the end of the clip, Furlan can be seen cuddling up alongside Lee, captioning the video, "[Please] guys, I gotta make jokes, it's how I cope."

Furlan received an influx of criticism for seemingly mocking Anderson, which prompted Furlan to post another TikTok video directly addressing Anderson's comments about Lee.



"I just wanted to come on here and let you know I’m OK because I know people have been checking on me, which is really nice, and I’m good, don’t worry,” Furlan told viewers.


She also addressed her marriage with Lee, saying that she's “lucky to have a really loving husband who honestly laughs all the stuff off and could care less.”

“So, don’t worry about anything, and thank you to everyone that’s been sticking up for me…I leave my comments open, if you feel like you wanna get it out and say something mean to me, go ahead, please,” she added.

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