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5 Details About Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee’s Rocky Relationship & How They Feel About Each Other Now

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Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson

Hulu's limited eight-part series, "Pam & Tommy," has reintroduced the world to the infamous relationship between the "Baywatch" actress and the Mötley Crüe drummer.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had first met on New Year's Eve right before the start of 1995, and according to The Sun, Lee had licked Anderon's face "from chin to temple," as an introduction.

After only four days of really knowing each other, Anderson and Lee got married on a beach in Cancún, Mexico.

The Hulu series, which has already premiered its first four episodes, follows the viral fallout after Anderson and Lee's private sex tape is stolen and released on the internet during the late 90s.

The sex tape had been stolen by electrician Rand Gauthier, whom after getting fired by Lee, returned to their estate and stole a safe filled with money, various firearms, expensive jewelry, and the tape.

With about five episodes left of the series, fans are wondering if other aspects of Anderson and Lee's relationship will be explored onscreen.

Here are 5 details about Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee's tumultuous relationship.

1. Pamela Anderson suffered a miscarriage a few months after marrying Tommy Lee.

In Lee's book, "The Dirt," the drummer wrote about the moment that Anderson suffered a miscarriage.

"When Pamela collapsed and lost our first child due to a miscarriage (a Lee family curse, my mother said), the paparazzi were so intent on getting photos," Lee wrote.

"They kept cutting off the ambulance on the way to the hospital ... I could deal with them trying to crash our parties, but trying to crash our ambulance was another story."

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A few months after the miscarriage, Anderson threw Lee a birthday party at their home in October, and it was at the party that Anderson told Lee she was pregnant again.

"Ten days after my birthday, Pamela told me that she was four weeks pregnant. I couldn't have been any happier, dude," he wrote.

2. Tommy Lee was arrested after hitting Pamela Anderson while she's holding their son.

In February 1998, Anderson called the police on Lee after the two were involved in a physical altercation while Anderson was holding their son, Dylan.

Lee wrote about the incident in "The Dirt," sharing at that the two had gotten into an altercation while both of their sons were nearby.

Anderson eventually went to call the police, and that's when Lee grabbed the phone from her and slammed it down while she was still holding Dylan.

Lee was arrested for "spousal abuse, child abuse, and unlawful posession of a firearm," which were all charges he denied, according to Entertainment Weekly.

It wasn't long after that incident that Anderson quickly filed for divorce and also requested custody of their two sons.

3. Tommy Lee was sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty for attacking Pamela Anderson.

In May 1998, a judge sentences Tommy Lee to six months in jail, with the possibility of his sentence becoming three years if he violated the terms of his probabtion.

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Lee wrote in his memoir, "I couldn't understand why Pamela had followed through with pressing charges. She was probably scared and thought I was some crazy, violent monster."

"She probably thought she was doing the right thing for the kids; and she probably wanted an easy way out of a difficult situation. As much as I loved Pamela, she had a problem dealing with things."

By 1998, Anderson and Lee's divorce was also finalized, although the two would end up reconciling once Lee was released from jail.

4. Pamela Anderson revealed she contracted hepatitis C from Tommy Lee.

In March 2002, Anderson publicy shares that she had contracted hepatitis C.

In a statement to ABC News through her publicist, Anderson shared that had undergone outpatient treatment for the disease at UCLA Medical Center.

"I contracted hepatitis C while sharing a tattoo needle with my ex-husband Tommy Lee," Anderson said in the statement. "Tommy has the disease and never disclosed it to me during our marriage."

However, Lee denied having the disease at the time.

By 2015, both Lee and Anderson had been cured, with Anderson saying that Lee had been cured before her and was the one who told her about the treatment.

"You know, Tommy did it first, so he got cured first. He had a different kind of treatment because he did it a year earlier than me. And he was always pushing me, 'You got to do this,'" she told Entertainment Tonight.

5. Pamela Anderson called Tommy Lee the "definition of narcissist/sociopath."

One of Anderson and Lee's most public disputes came in 2018, and involved their son Brandon, who was 21 at the time, and had allegedly knocked Lee unconscious.

Lee took to social media, claiming that his son had punched him, and fled from authorities.

"My fiancé [Brittany Furlan] and I were in bed when my son busted into the room and assaulted me. I asked him to leave the house and he knocked me unconscious. He ran away from the police. THAT'S the truth," Lee tweeted.

However, Brandon had alleged that he had been defending himself from his intoxicated father.

The back and forth led to Anderson writing a blog post called "Alcoholism is the Devil."

“Nobody understands the lifetime of disappointment this man has brought our family,” Anderson wrote of her ex-husband. 

“Consistently the center of sadness, drama and confusion. Jealous of his sons’ talent and beauty from the day they were born. He is sick. The definition of narcissist/sociopath.”

"I pray Tommy gets the help he needs. His actions are desperate and humiliating. He is a disaster spinning out of control, and he is not acting like a father," she continued.

It seemed Lee and his son were able to reconcile, and were photographed together in December 2018.

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