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Woman Threatens To Kick Sister Out Of Her Wedding If She Doesn't Wear Underwear And A Modest Dress

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A bride-to-be admitted that she's thinking of disinviting her sister from the ceremony because of the outfit she has chosen to wear.

Posting to the subreddit "r/AITA," the 26-year-old woman shared that she was getting married soon and her sister, who often wears revealing clothing, is planning on doing the same for the ceremony.

She claimed that her sister wouldn't be allowed at the wedding if she didn't wear a modest dress.

In her Reddit post, she explained that her sister, who is two years older than her, had always gravitated toward revealing clothing during their youth due to the fact that they were raised in a home with parents who didn't care what they wore. At the time, she didn't quite care about what her sister wore, but now that her wedding is approaching, she isn't happy about the dress choice that she was presented with.



"This time I am feeling a type of way because my wedding will be in February 2024 and my sister, who is also one of the bridesmaids, has shown me what she intends to wear. I was shocked, to say the least," she wrote.

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The photo of the dress that her sister had shown her was not modest in the slightest and would have to be worn without a bra or underwear due to an extremely high slit that goes up the waist of it. The bride-to-be admitted that she's uncomfortable with her sister being around other people in the dress, especially her fiancé and his entire family.

When she tried to speak with her parents about it, they both told her they didn't see anything wrong with the dress, but she still confronted her sister and explained that if she didn't find a different dress that wasn't as revealing, she would no longer be one of the bridesmaids and wouldn't have any place in the wedding at all.

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"She feels that I'm being unfair since I have no right to control what people wear and I also let all bridesmaids choose whatever design they wanted as long as they stuck to the colors I gave. Her chosen color sticks to the color scheme and that's okay but the design makes me feel it's not appropriate," she continued.

She pointed out that she doesn't want her sister "flashing" any of the wedding guests, but now both her parents and sister are refusing to speak to her.

Many people agreed that the bride wasn't in the wrong for wanting her sister to find a better dress for the wedding.

"Part of being an adult is adhering to dress codes when you go to places. Weddings have dress codes, your sister can adhere to the dress code or she can stay home," one Reddit user wrote.

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Another user added, "Having a totally permissive household where kids grow up wearing whatever they want, or nothing, sounds free, supportive of self-expression, and creative until those kids grow up into adults who never learned how to dress appropriately for the occasion."

A third user offered a suggestion, writing, "This is your wedding and you should be comfortable. But how about you buy a dress you want your sister to wear if you do not like her choice? That is, of course, if there is a need for a compromise."

"It seems like your sister prioritizes herself over you. She's your sister, she should realize how big of a deal a wedding day is, and dress accordingly. It's not a [wrong] move of you to ask her to dress more appropriately," a fourth user added.

woman threatens to kick sister out of wedding if she doesn't wear modest dressPhoto: HIGHER VIBRATION / Pexels

This woman's request for her sister to choose a more appropriate outfit is not an unreasonable boundary to set, especially on the day of her wedding. While it is true that the bride-to-be didn't specify what type of dresses she wanted her bridesmaids to wear, she should still have the right to express her concerns about specific choices that she finds inappropriate.

It's still disheartening that she doesn't want her sister to be present for her big day and that the rift was caused over a dress, but it's important that guests, including those related to the bride, understand that formal and modest clothing choices show respect for the significance of the occasion and the couple.

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