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Bride Uninvites Sister From Her Wedding After She Urged Her To 'Reconsider' Marrying Man She's Known For 6 Months

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A bride decided to revoke her sister's invitation to her wedding after hearing how she felt about her fiancé.

Posting to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) — a forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them — she questioned if her sister deserves a place at her wedding due to how unsupportive she's been.

Her sister urged her to 'reconsider' marrying the man she's known for six months.

In her Reddit post, the woman, 24, wrote that she recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Derrick, 30.

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"Prior to that, we had known each other for six months. I know that’s not a long time, but when you know, you know. We are madly in love and ready to commit ourselves to each other fully," she declared.

However, the only problem is that her sister, 26, isn't fully on board with the marriage.

During the start of her relationship with Derrick, the bride's sister was happy and supportive, but as soon as he popped the question, her attitude changed.

"When I sent her a text telling her we were engaged, she responded by saying 'congratulations,'" she continued. "But then when I saw her the week after that, she got all serious and said I should strongly consider the marriage."

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The bride's sister told her that she was "young" and could potentially meet someone else that she "loved more." She also told the woman that she and Derrick had only been dating a short time, and should date a bit longer before getting married.

"That was offensive to me because I love Derrick more than anything, and she’s basically saying my love isn’t that important," she wrote.

"We are already fully committed to each other, so we might as well get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law."

When she blatantly asked her sister if she supported her marriage to Derrick, her sister solemnly told her "no," which angered the bride-to-be even more.

She immediately told her that she "shouldn't be at the wedding if she didn’t want us to get married."

Both the bride and her fiancé decided that it would be best if her sister wasn't on the wedding guest list if she doesn't support their upcoming nuptials.

"I mentioned this to my friend yesterday, and she pointed out that it may be a little rude of me not to invite her."

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Most people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was in the wrong for uninviting her sister.

"You have not known him long enough to actually love him, you are infatuated," one user wrote.

"On top of that you are ready to ruin the relationship with your sister for a guy you actually do not know?"

Another user added, "Six years older man, 6 months total length of [a] relationship. That is throwing red flags all over the place. Your sister is trying to protect you. It is possible that your relationship will be OK, but I'd doubt it."

"Your sister is supporting you by giving you the best advice she can," a third user chimed in.

"Are you willing to torpedo your relationship with your sister forever because she hurt your feelings regarding your relationship?"

A fourth user wrote, "Your sister sounds like she cares about you. She supported the relationship until the engagement thinking you're rushing and that you're young enough to wait."

"End of the day it's your choice, but it seems silly to throw your relationship with your sister away over her just caring."

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