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Bride & Groom Serve Different Food To Each Side Of Their Family At Reception — And One Side Is Significantly Better

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Wedding reception

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know everyone always has something to say about the food choices at a wedding. 

The chicken was too dry or the vegetarian options were limited, but the drama seems to settle after an hour or two. 

This wedding was the exception to that rule — everyone was absolutely shocked when the catering arrived. 

One wedding invitee spilled all the drama about this couple’s wedding reception on the Wedding Drama, or r/weddingdrama, sub-Reddit, where people post about wedding nightmare stories. 

While one side of the family lined up for a hot buffet spread, the bride’s was left on the other — with a much more limited set of options. 

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This bride and groom chose to serve different quality foods to their separate families. 

Desperate to share her uncomfortable night, this wedding attendee took to Reddit to share about her husband’s coworker’s special night. 

Ready for a grandiose wedding reception filled with fun, music, and drinks, she was immediately caught off guard when they walked into the venue

Their reception was held in a “big park complex with several other parties happening at the same time,” she shares, “Each had their own room, but the outdoor spaces weren’t cordoned off from each other or the surrounding public park.” 

While it seemed a bit strange, the couple was excited for the newlyweds and easily forgot about the venue. 

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After entering the venue, guests were given a hand stamp based on a guest list.

Greeted by ushers with clipboards at the door, they were asked their names and given a distinct hand stamp. 

“We figured there must be issues with wedding crashers,” she mentioned offhandedly at the strange stamp.

Complete with tons of awkward small talk, the wedding reception continued on — watching the couple take pictures through the window and joking about the kids swinging in the background. 

When the couple came in, though, the food plans started to unravel. 

When it was time for dinner, guests were ushered into two separate lines. 

“Two buffet lines opened along opposite walls,” she writes, “We got in line and noticed the servers glanced at our hands.” 

Shuffled in different directions based on their hand stamp, the couple was confused as they noticed the food being put out in front of them. 

“I heard someone tell a couple behind us that the bride’s line was the other one. I’m thinking, what?!” 

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While the groom’s family had hot prime rib, the bride was stuck with cold sandwiches. 

Approaching the two different sets of food, the couple was shocked when they noticed the difference in quality — a prime rib and a cold sandwich bar. 

“Guests were being fed according to whether they were bride or groom guests. There was a huge difference.” 

While the groom’s family had a wide variety of choices with hot entrees of prime rib and ham, the bride’s family was stuck making cold sandwiches with pre-made deli meat. 

“It was obvious that the sides on the bride’s buffet were either homemade or from the grocery store, but the groom's was clearly higher-end catering.” 

At the very least, the couple was surprised by shared champagne bottles at the tables of the reception. 

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The groom’s parents didn’t think they should ‘have to shell out’ for the bride’s family’s food. 

After eating their cold sandwiches, they could sense that the food drama was still lingering at the reception. 

“It was so uncomfortable to be sitting there eating with people from the other line. People seemed shocked.” 

Although they didn’t stay longer to watch the uncomfortable atmosphere fizzle out, they “didn’t see anyone make a fuss” about the food. 

“We left after the bride and from dance, before any alcohol had even been drunk.” 

Confused by the whole situation, at work the next week the user’s husband asked her coworker what the ‘deal’ was with their food situation at the reception. 

“My husband mentioned to his coworker that he’d never seen that at a wedding before.” 

Seemingly annoyed, the newlywed husband responded by saying, “his parents didn’t think they should have to shell out for the bride’s side because her family couldn’t afford a nicer meal.” 

Comments are confused by the husband’s investment, wondering how he could ever go along with a plan that clearly was degrading towards his wife’s family. 

“I can’t believe the groom went along with it. He treated her family like sh— because his family has money. The only way I can see a marriage like that lasting is if the groom cuts off his a—hole family.” 

With hundreds of other comments agreeing, clearly this user isn’t the only one who believes this wedding reception was not only ‘interesting,’ but also an incredibly ‘rude’ dynamics. 

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