Bride Uninvites Sister-In-Law From Wedding After She Revealed Bride's Secret Pregnancy To Fiancé

She was scared of her fiancé's reaction.

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When a bride's secret pregnancy was outed by her sister-in-law, the bride decided to take matters into her own hands, sharing the incident on Reddit.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), the bride-to-be explained the events leading up to her sister-in-law telling the bride's fiancé that she was pregnant before she had the chance to tell him herself.

She was left angered after her future sister-in-law revealed that she was pregnant.

In her Reddit post, the woman wrote that after finding out she was pregnant, she decided to "keep it a secret" until she was able to find the right way to tell her fiancé.


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"I decided to keep my pregnancy to myself because I don’t know what I’m going to do about it and I knew my fiancé wasn’t going to be happy with the news," she said.

The only person who knew about her pregnancy was her future sister-in-law, who let the bride take the pregnancy test at her house.

The sister-in-law agreed with the woman that her fiancé wouldn't be excited about her being pregnant but still felt that he had the right to know.

In the end, the woman's sister-in-law told the fiancé about the pregnancy.

The woman and her sister-in-law continued to argue about the pregnancy, but the bride claimed she "needed time to process."


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Her sister-in-law felt as if she was only making excuses to prolong the inevitable, leading her to take matters into her own hands and tell her brother that his wife-to-be was pregnant with their child.

After he heard the news, he became upset and immediately confronted his fiancée.

"He was so upset he confronted me in front of everybody so now they all know and everybody is upset with me for keeping it from him," the bride revealed.

After the incident, the bride uninvited her sister-in-law from the wedding.

Even though the bride's sister-in-law has tried reaching out to talk, she's been ignoring her and won't accept the apology.


"Her only excuse was that he was her brother so she couldn’t keep it from him and that she gave me 3 weeks to tell him myself," the bride continued. 

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During their last phone conversation, the woman answered and proceeded to yell at her sister-in-law. 

Just before the conversation ended, she promptly uninvited her from the wedding, telling her sister-in-law that she "would find a new bridesmaid."

"I’ve given my fiancé and his family another reason to be upset with me but I’ve refused to let her come to the wedding even as a regular guest despite them asking me to and it being important to them for her to attend," the bride concluded.


Most people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was in the wrong.

One user pointed out that it's a red flag if the bride couldn't tell her fiancé that she was pregnant.

"If you don’t feel comfortable enough to tell your fiancé that you’re pregnant, then you shouldn’t be planning a wedding with them," they wrote.

"While your [sister-in-law] crossed a line, I can’t be too angry at her. She clearly cared about your fiancé’s feelings more than you do."


Another user chimed in, adding, "Yeah, he wasn't going to be happy, but waiting wasn't going to change that. You put his sister in a bad situation between you and her own brother."

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