Little Boy Has A Titanic Themed Birthday Party Where Guests Were Given Goodie Bags Divided By Passengers Who 'Lived And Died'

It's important to give into your child's requests on their special day.

titanic themed kids birthday party @thescallywagfam / TikTok

It’s always lovely to throw your child a themed party of their choice. It allows them to use their imagination while also letting parents be more involved in their interests. And one little boy used his imagination and desires for a party theme that some may think to be odd.

A 5-year-old wanted to have a Titanic-themed birthday party with gift bags that were divided between who had died and who had survived.

A mother on TikTok named Anyssa, who goes by The Scallywag Mama, posted a few photos of her 5-year-old son at his Titanic-themed birthday party.


little boy has titanic themed birthday partyPhoto: TikTok / @thescallywagfam

She included photos of the birthday party, which included a watermelon that had many varieties of fruit spilling out of it to look like a sunken ship. Anyssa also included pictures of her son’s goodie bags that were color-coded. Blue bags indicated a passenger who had survived, and red correlated to those who had lost their lives on the maiden voyage.


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The goodie bags had images of the passenger, their name, birthday, last residence, class, and even their ticket number. The goodie bags also had the passenger's reasons for traveling so her son could teach his friends and family about his interests.

It's clear this boy had put tremendous effort into planning his party and it was adorable to see.

little boy has titanic themed birthday partyPhoto: TikTok / @thescallywagfam


Anyssa added images of their DIY piñata, which was the Titanic ship and was even labeled "RMS Titanic." The last image of the video showed her son dressed up as Captain Edward John Smith, a British marine officer who captained the RMS Titanic and went down with the ship when it sank.

Many were supportive of the 'odd' birthday party request the mother planned for her son.

One person wrote, “Make sure he doesn’t get ahold of 250k” referencing the submersible tank that imploded while taking 5 passengers to see the Titanic's wreckage in June 2023. Some mentioned “The history teachers are going to love him,” with actual teachers responding to this comment and writing, “History teacher here and can confirm.”

Others shared their experiences with being just as Titanic obsessed as a child, or having a child who is also obsessed with the sunken ship.

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Anyssa shared, “I love seeing all these comments of other kids loving the Titanic.” There was also a ton of support in regards to the “weird” request and a lot of people felt “seen” because of the immense detail and recognition Anyssa had put into her son’s party.

little boy has titanic themed birthday partyPhoto: TikTok / @thescallywagfam

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Parents who are open to 'weird' birthday party requests allow their children to feel special and important.

Oftentimes, popular birthday party requests are along the lines of princesses or cars. However, parents who receive “odd” requests like this one can really make a child feel loved, special, and wanted.

Listening to a child’s request on their special day helps create a stronger bond between a parent and child, regardless of their age.

It’s also important to mention that oftentimes, these “odd” or “strange” requests are niches or hyper-fixations of a child who may struggle with a mental illness or disability.

Children with ADHD often have hyper-fixations that last for months, even years at a time. Children with autism have special interests that usually last years. So, parents should continue to make their children feel included, even if it means "giving in" and honoring their “weird” requests.


Little things like this really matter and it could help a child feel loved. We bet this 5-year-old will remember this birthday party for years to come!

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