Mom Who Threw McDonald’s Themed Birthday Party For 1-Year-Old Gets Labeled A 'Bad Parent'

Some people were not lovin' it.

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A child’s first birthday is a significant milestone and one that many parents want to go big on celebrating.

One Australian couple is facing backlash over the theme of their daughter’s first birthday party, which people are claiming is “a waste of food and money.”

The parents decided to throw a McDonalds-themed birthday party for their daughter. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times, Maggie — the mother of the birthday girl — filmed what was featured at the party dedicated to the popular fast-food chain. 


There was a table that consisted of Mcdonald's fries, burgers, and chicken nuggets for guests to chow down on.

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The parents also ordered an inflatable slide, ball pit, and slushie machine for the occasion.


They even purchased a McDonald's playset they came across on eBay for their older daughter to use after the party.

While the children and adults appeared to be enjoying themselves at the extravagant birthday party, others criticized the parents.

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Some people claimed that the party was a 'waste of food and money' since the birthday girl would not even remember it. 

“By all means do what you want, but I think a huge party like this is more appropriate for [five-year-olds] since a one-year-old can’t fully enjoy it as much,” one TikTok user commented.


“Like she’s gonna remember that, you spent all that money on a baby that's not gonna remember anything about it,” another user claimed.

“You probably wasted so much food you could [have given] it to poor people or homeless people,” another user wrote.

“Wow, what a bad parent already,” another user added.

However, others did not see an issue with the party and praised Maggie for her efforts.

“Why are people so hateful? Celebrate how you want. It’s not hurting anyone. Great job,” one user commented.

“Invite me next time!” another user encouraged.

“Be my parents!” another user wrote.

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Maggie fired back at critics with follow-up TikTok videos.

She posted a follow-up video to address the criticism she received for the birthday party and being labeled as a “bad parent.”

“Just because we got McDonald's for a party? Go to any play center party for kids and they serve nuggets and chips. It's a party!!” she pointed out.



She also had some words for those who claimed that the party was a waste of food and money since her daughter wouldn’t remember it.


“It shouldn’t be about if they remember. It should be about giving them the best life you can,” she wrote. “It’s not a waste if they are having fun.”

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Maggie also shared a follow-up video of her daughter, who is now five years old, enjoying herself on the McDonald's playset from the party that still stands in their backyard, and says that she uses it most days.




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